Angus Oblong - Creepy Susie: And 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children

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She's a very creepy girl

Sep 20, 2000 (Updated Sep 20, 2000)
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Pros:funny, funny, funny


Well I am about to blow my Pollyanna cover and reveal a new side of my personality. Many of you read my sweet, sweet pet reviews and learn of my darling cat Ramone. You've met Ramone, now it is time to meet Creepy Susie.

Creepy Susie and 13 other tragic tales for troubled children is an illustrated book full of warped, but humorous stories. The author, Angus Oblong, is obviously a pseudonym. The work is very similar to the cartoons by Tim Burton. They have dark and twisted characters. The stories ridicule society and mock conformists.

My favorite character is Creepy Susie. She is mysterious and she loves to be holding something slimy. The rest of her family is normal, except for her father who is a midget albino cross dresser.

Another favorite story is The Debbies. It is a hysterical look at a clique of girls who all try very hard to be the same. They taunt Helga who is less attractive and much less popular. The majority of the story takes place at a slumber party. In the end, Helga gets her revenge and finishes off the pizza crust!

I cannot do the illustrations justice by merely discussing the tales. Fortunately, you can go to the Random House website and read one of the stories. It flips page by page through the tragedy of The Debbies. Before you buy the book, Go to sample the story. If you like it, you will love the others! If you find it gross, don't bother reading more. If you are offended, I am sincerely sorry. The crassness is meant to be fun and not malicious.

I will list the titles of the stories to give you an idea of the humor created in this book.

The Debbies
Stupid Betsy
Waldo & Bean
Little Scooter
Happy Happy Happy Happy Sammy
Milo's Disorder
Creepy Susie
Emily, Amputee
Narcoleptic Scottie
Sibling Rivalry...
Rosie's Crazy Mother
Jenny, Jenny, Jenny and Babette, the Siamese Quadruplets
Dick and Muffy
Mary Had a Little Chainsaw

This is not a book for children. I can't believe it is listed under the children's book genre. It contains adult humor, sexual situations, violence and yes, please don't tell my mother, but it does contain the "f-word" in one story, but only once.

Another favorite is Sibling Rivalry... where Tommy tells Patty's friend that she is a hermaphrodite. This is not your traditional game of tattle-tell. Dick and Muffy is the most crass story in the book, but it also proves you have a dirty mind or you wouldn't find it funny!

I've also read the that a series "The Oblongs" is coming to Warner brothers that includes characters from this book. It should prove to be interesting, but again, I doubt it will be children-friendly.
Hurry, go to the website and read The Debbies. They are a good start. They are not nearly as Creepy as Susie!

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