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Creosote Sweeping Log For Fireplaces

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Creosote Sweeping Log; Helps Prevent Chimney Fires!

Nov 1, 2009 (Updated Oct 7, 2010)
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Pros:Easy to use
Cleans as it should.

Cons:It can be hard to find by season's end. Get it early in season.

The Bottom Line: Using the Creosote Sweeping Log is easy and I'm happy wity nte end result of a cleaner more efficient fireplace.

I have had a fireplace insert for some ten years. I have had it professionally cleaned but in between I do use CSL, Creosote Sweeping Log to help maintain a cleaner chimney allowing better draft and reducing creosote build-up that can cause chimney fires.

This product made by Joseph Enterprises Inc was available in my local Home Depot. Last year I was too late in purchasing it as it was sold out and they didn't get anymore in for the season. I could have purchased the product on-line but didn't. If the Depot didn't get it in this year, that is exactly what I would have done. Good news for me though, it was in stock and I picked up a couple.

The Product: CSL the Creosote Sweeping Log

These come boxed as individual logs that can be used in fireplaces, inserts and wood-stoves to help prevent chimney fires. It does two things as the packaging notes.

1. Reduces and treats dangerous creosote in your chimney.
2. Stops more than 50% of new creosote build-up.

The text on the box also notes that using the Creosote Sweeping Log makes for a clean flu with the following benefits gives better draft, higher efficiency, better combustion, less wood needed, less pollution and lower costs.

The box is quite descriptive in educating the consumer on how it works.  In part one of a four step process it states that making a wood fire previous to using CSL heats the tar on chimney walls and creates better draft.

The CSL will burn like a regular firelog but active minerals are released thaqt dry out and nloosen creosote deposots in the chimney or flu.

That loosened creosote will rise up and out of the chimney with the heat and smoke. Some may "harmlessly" drop down.

After a week "most of the treatment is done. The CSL additives create a natural coating that protects your flu against new build-up for the next two months.

Using the Product

Before using the product the instructions give some basic things to look for . Is the chimney free of debris, birds nests and such. Have the damper completely open and such.

The Creosote Sweeping Log comes wrapped in a paper. That paper is pulled at the seems to create airflow between it and the log. Have a fire already going and let it burn down to hot embers with no flames present. That's when this product is placed in the fireplace. Special directions are noted for using two CSL logs. That direction, that is given in the instructions is not needed in most cases.

A chart notes how often this product should be used depending on the types of firebox and how often it's used. I'm in the range of one or perhaps two per season using my insert fireplace about five days a week through the winter. Weekend use would call for one while one fire per day calls for two. Continuous use fireplaces need to be treated every two months.

There's a list of safety precausions to be taken when using the nproduct of which most are common sense nbut do nread through them.

pops Thoughts

This product generates a lot of heat. You can feel much more warmth from the fireplace when this log is burning than when a regular fire is burning. It's not a dangerous heat though if the CSL  is properly vented and in the firebox.

The log burns for about 90 minutes but seems to do most of its work in about twenty minutes time without much residue is left. All seems like regular ashes from a wood fire with most creosote going up the chimney. Except for the extra heat of the log, I wouldn't know anything was happening at the time.

The product is easy to use and my fireplace seems to be kept clean and well working year after year. I have used this product, Creosote Sweeping Log made by Joseph Enterprises Inc for perhaps five years. I'm pleased with the ease of use and the end results a cleaner more efficient insert firebox.

This is an entry into the VIII Lean & Mean W/O

Creosote Sweeping Log:  Keep your chimney/flu clean!
Duraflame Firestart: Get a Good Hardwood Fire Burning Pronto!
Duraflame Firelogs: The Lazy Man's Fire

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