Crown Royal Special Reserve: What? You Thought Crown Royal Couldn't Be Any Better? Wrong!

Oct 28, 2006 (Updated Oct 28, 2006)
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The Bottom Line: If you enjoy premium whiskies, this one is rich..yet mellow and smooth!

I had originally planned on this being the product and topic for my 1,000th review since it is a wonderful premium whiskey (and my personal favorite) but the product was not yet in the database (thanks, John!). I decided to go ahead a pay tribute to Crown Royal in the meantime to mark my 1,000th review and now I am catching up on my original intentions.

Crown Royal Special Reserve

For those of you familiar with Crown Royal you know it is a rich and smooth whiskey. Crown Royal Special Reserve takes that richness and smoothness a step further and presents the ultimate premium whiskey from an unparalleled linage of the best whiskies aged to perfection and reserved for this special blend.

Crown Royal Special Reserve came into the making by the Master Blender years ago who set aside a limited amount of the world's finest and most select whiskies to age to perfection. These barrels were marked TO BE OPENED BY THE MASTER BLENDER ONLY! The supply was monitored as needed by the Master Blender to check the progress of the aging throughout the years. Finally, the day arrived when the Master Blender deemed "it was time" and, Crown Royal Special Reserve was created.

Crown Royal Special Reserve is bottled in an attractive style bottle similar to the regular blend, only the bottle is a bit taller and slimmer. The same detail work is found on the bottle and it is adorned with a classy golden tassel enclosed in the famous purple felt drawstring bag.

Because it is made from only the best whisky blends that are rare and hard to find, the quantities of Crown Royal Special Reserve are limited. This unique blend of whiskies has been deemed a classic by world connoisseurs. Expect to pay around $45.00 for a fifth of this fine whiskey.

My Thoughts On Crown Royal Special Reserve

This is my favorite whisky simply because it is so SMOOTH! It has a rich, full aroma and taste. It is the smoothest whiskey I've very tasted. Crown Royal Special Reserve gives off an aroma of fruits, woods, spearmint, honey and sherry.

In case you are wondering about the difference in the two blends as far as flavor goes, Crown Royal Special Reserve is made with more rye giving it more of a woodsy, nutty and spicy scent and flavor. It also contains extra batch whiskey which accounts for the creamy smoothness of the Special Reserve blend.

We usually bring out Crown Royal Special Reserve during the holidays. This tradition was started by the boys getting into Dad's well-stocked liqueur cabinet and helping themselves. It took him awhile to catch on as to what everyone was drinking and he seemed to be a bit annoyed. He did learn to only keep one bottle of Crown Royal Special Reserve in the cabinet because it was the first thing we all hit.

A personal observation that I have noticed is that hangovers aren't near as bad when you have been drinking Crown Royal Special Reserve. This is a great excuse for choosing this classic!

Yes, Crown Royal Special Reserve is expensive but it you want the best, you will not mind paying the price. It's like a fine get what you pay for!


Yes, it is true...there is something better than Crown Royal and that is Crown Royal Special Reserve. If you have not tried it yet, do yourself a favor and pour yourself a drink! Cheers!

I give Crown Royal Special Reserve 5 Stars!

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