Crown Royal XR Extra Rare (750ml) Scotch

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Crown Royal XR - Buy Before It Is Gone Forever - Best Crown Royal

Oct 4, 2011 (Updated Nov 23, 2011)
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Pros:One of a kind.

Cons:Expensive and limited quanties.

The Bottom Line: Read and be informed.


"Extra Rare. Reserved for that extra special person in your life. The don't make this ultra fine whisky anymore, this is the last of it's kind. Save this for someone extraordinary, someone who broke the mold."*

How I Found It

I first came across Crown Royal XR Extra Rare about two years ago and was surprised that it was so expensive. I inquired about Crown Royal XR Extra Rare as to what separated it from the less expensive variations of Crown Royal and the staff was not very knowledgeable or helpful, but however the person did know that it will shortly be gone forever.

My Experience

I loved the taste of the Crown Royal XR® as it is smooth, clean, very refined, oaky, somewhat sweet, nutty, and no after taste.

When I bought it I got it below the local store retail price of 149.99 (yes, Crown Royal XR® can retail as high as one hundred fifty dollars and then tax on top of that), however since I only do my purchases of Crown Royal with that store I got a nice hefty discount for being a loyal customer.

I generally drink only half of a shot because I loved to savor the flavor of the unique taste that is by far taste only like Crown Royal XR® and is unlike any of the other Crown Royal brands.

I did experiment with drinking mixed in the following variations: a quarter shot of Crown Royal XR® with three quarters shot of ice cold Coke; a quarter shot of Crown Royal XR® with three quarters shot of ice cold Mountain Dew; quarter shot of Crown Royal XR® with three quarters shot of ice cold Mellow Yellow; half a shot of Crown Royal XR® with half a shot of sparkling water and a few cubes of ice; and finally one shot of Crown Royal XR® with half a shot of water. All of the variations tasted exceptionally good, but my favorite was one shot of Crown Royal XR® with half a shot of water. Overall, I would have to say that drinking it mixed ruins the true flavor and experience.

Ultimately, I enjoy drinking it chilled or ice cold with nothing else in the Crown Royal XR® and is best slowly sipped to enjoy the aroma and the unique tastes. The flavor is one of a kind and would recommend trying it as a shot at a bar, if possible, to see if you like it since it cost around $150 plus tax for a bottle Crown Royal XR® in the size of 750ml. It is only available in the size of a 750ml or a fifth in alcohol jargon.

It comes in a fancy reddish box that has a plush molded bottom box that cradles the bottle in a colored Crown Royal Bag (yellowish maybe, but I forget the color of the bag but I know the bag is not purple or black) and top box that fits over the bottom box that cradles as well as having a slip on cover over the box to be impressive as well as functional.

A recap of the taste (when chilled or ice cold from a freezer) smooth, clean, very refined, balanced, oaky, slightly sweet, nutty, absence of bite and lack of after taste.


Crown Royal XR® is expensive because it is made from a blend of the last remaining batch of whisky distilled at the Waterloo distillery and contains rare, extra-aged ryes and bourbons.

Crown Royal XR® contains 40% alcohol or 80 Proof if you prefer.

Crown Royal XR® is definitely a one of a kind "rare blend with unparalleled smoothness and balance."*


Yes I most definitely and highly recommend buying and drinking Crown Royal XR® Extra Rare.

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*Note the text in the quotes is from the Crown Royal website.

This is an entry into Swooshfan2's October write off.

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