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Dark Crystal Plush Fizzgig Plush

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The Dark Crystal Fizzgig Plush Creature

Oct 17, 2010 (Updated Oct 18, 2010)
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Pros:mouth will stay shut or open

Cons:overpriced, could be better resemblence

The Bottom Line:

The Fizzgig Plush toy is 6 inches in diameter, and is styled to resemble the character from The Dark Crystal.

I absolutely adore The Dark Crystal, and really, any work that Jim Henson stamped his name to. But, I thought that was a genius film from a genius man, and I collect a fair share of Dark Crystal memorabilia, toys, and etc. One item I was gifted, but I didn't have for very long--few days-- (before the gifter's child cried for it and I parted with it), is the Fizzgig plush.

The Dark Crystal was a 1982 fantasy film featuring an all-muppet cast. It's conceptual art was done by my favorite fantasy artist, Brian Froud.

Fizzgig lives in Thra, and is the pet to Kira, the female gelfling. He has dog-like qualities, in that he yips and growls like a dog, but the comparison stops there. He is a big fuzzy hairball, with useless feet (since he gets to where he wants by rolling), has miniature facial features, and is all mouth (complete with sharp teeth). The only Fizzgig "toy" I've been able to find is this plush toy here. But, I just don't think this toy does the character justice.

This toy doesn't really look too much like the actual Fizzgig. Instead, it's more of an over-priced cheap toy. It is about 6 inches in diameter, is stuffed, and incredibly furry. It's essentially a long-haired furball with tiny eyes (which are really nice in that they sort of do favor the movie character's eyes), a dog-like nose, a couple of small hidden feet (hidden by all of the fur on it's body) and a really large mouth. It has The Dark Crystal logo on the tag, so it is official, but it just fell short of my expectations.(I saw a prototype from when the film came out, and that one would have been great!) It cost about $15 at the time, but can still be found online at various e-stores for over $20.

The one cool thing about this toy is it's mouth, though it had (what I felt to be) issues as well. It has a Velcro strip along the inside that will keep the mouth closed, but once the mouth is opened, it will stay in that position (until it is closed again). The mouth is rather large, though doesn't open anywhere close to how the character's would. Still, with the mouth open, it's not hard to recognize the character this toy is supposed to be. The teeth are made of a felt-like material and there are many, just like the Fizzgig Muppet had. It would have been cooler had they been made of a material like the nose, to actually stick out in a vast row instead of lay every which way like these teeth do. But, these teeth give the toy more bark than bite, much like the Fizzgig of film.

I didn't care for the hair and it needed a good bit of brushing to look nice. If is the type of toy that if left in a toybox (or well loved by a child), it will get ratty. I got it brand new and had to brush back the hairs to expose the eyes fully and to make the hairs appear longer (make it look more like a hairball than a pom-pom ball). This is expected of a toy of this type, but it's just another thing that makes me feel this toy is insanely over-priced.

I think only die-hard fans would want this, and even then I don't think they'd be fully satisfied. I know I wasn't.

Thanks for reading!

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Type of Toy: Stuffed Toy
Age Range of Child: Kids to Teens

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