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Nov 30, 2010
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Pros:Tastes great, price is great, no added ingredients, just plain sparkling/carbonated water.


The Bottom Line: If you still want "soda" in your house without the artificial sweeteners, sugar and preservatives, then this makes an excellent replacement.

We try not to do soda at our house very often, and so as a replacement for my entire family, we'll pick up this Crystal Geyser (Plain) Sparkling Water. Not all sparkling waters are the same...but I go with this one time and time again because the price is great and it's one of the best sparkling waters on the market.

Soda, whether it be diet or regular, isn't really good for our diets (due to the artificial sweeteners, preservatives and so on). A good option is to buy this Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water (in Plain) and then I like to add liquid to it. It's not terribly good on its own (but not bad), but I like to add ice to it and then squeeze some lemon in the water or lime. By using citrus, I am making it something that is actually healthy. My son thinks it's soda (since it's bubbly) and so it's a win-win situation for us. We also like adding apple juice, or cranberry/grape or any other juice (just a tad). You can also throw in some cranberries, mint sprigs, etc. in your glass to make it look classy especially when guests are over. This acts like soda, it is fizzy like soda (it's pretty much soda water), but I like it BETTER than club soda (which baking soda is added and has a bit of a funky taste to me). Club soda is good when making Italian Sodas, but as far as a crystal, clear, fizzy/sparkling water, this is my preference. I also like the Trader Joe's brand if I'm shopping there, or San Pellegrino (but it's expensive). I always recycle the bottle when I'm done with it.

I should actually buy this buy the bulk, because we usually do pick up 2 to 5 bottles at the store at any given time. My whole family enjoys this water. They also make lime, orange, berry and lemon flavored ones, but I stick to plain because I like to add my own flavors. Very Berry is my second favorite by this brand.  I usually only pay around $.99-$1.50 at the store per bottle (here is the where to buy link; The bottle is 1.24 liters and a perfect size because if it is open too long, it'll lose it's fizziness. The bottle is plastic, while some other brands have glass.

The ingredients are simple; natural mineral water with carbonation added. It has zero calories and zero carbohydrates. This makes a great drink for anyone who has blood sugar problems because you can still have your juice (1-3 ounces worth) in a glass of this sparkling water (6-12 ounces worth) and not have to worry about drinking a full glass of juice (which would be a lot of fruit sugar).

Overall, this is a great sparkling mineral water and it actually feels healthy to drink it. It makes an excellent replacement for soda!

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