Cuisinart Filter Brew DCC-1000 12 Cups Coffee Maker Reviews
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Cuisinart Filter Brew DCC-1000 12 Cups Coffee Maker

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Wonderful drip machine, excellent value

Oct 18, 2006 (Updated Oct 19, 2006)
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Pros:Fool-proof pouring (good carafe), reliable, consistently great quality coffee

Cons:Very minor flaw is that filling must be done carefully.

The Bottom Line: This is a damn good drip brewer. Good quality, temperature, reliability, and great carafe design

This coffee maker is a best-buy for a machine in the price range below $100. The basic facts are that it produces consistently good coffee, the carafe design is excellent, and the machine is very dependable and reliable. I base this assessment on having the machine for over a year, and probably using it at least 250 times. I bought one for one of my children for Christmas, and they've no complaints. I am a coffee-holic, roast my own beans, etc. So am kind of picky and I don't take coffee casually.

The DCC-1000 has a 12-cup capacity, which is unfortunately an inconsistent measure across the industry. I measured 60 ounces, so they are talking 5-oz cups.

It is very simple to operate, just fill with water, use a standard No.4 Melita filter, about 45-50g of decent coffee and your off (I weigh the grinds on a precision scale each time -- told you!). You can program the coffee to come one in the morning, but I usually grind fresh so I don't use that feature often. The coffee maker shuts off after about an hour. Soft beeps indicate when the coffee is ready and when it is going to turn itself off.

I feel that other reviewers have been totally unfair over a very minor flaw in the design of the coffee maker, which is that you must be very careful in filling the coffee maker with water. It is very easy to miss. I just take my time, it's such a small thing. Certainly not worth docking two stars for.

On the other hand, I am really pleased with the quality of coffee it produces. The temperature of the coffee is for me just right, which is very hot. Like ANY drip maker with a bottom heater, you are on your own if the carafe is left on the burner with less than a half pot after 30 minutes (it cuts off after 60 minutes). In other words, just having a bottom heater works against you. My philosophy is that fresh coffee is best within the first 20 minutes or so. Maybe a thermal carafe version would be better, but my experience on most thermal carafes so far has not been that great (usually the coffee is not hot enough).

It is in a sense uneventful, no fanciness. It just works and I don't think about it. It can't rescue bad coffee-prep technique. If you don't clean the maker throughly or change the water filter once/month (ok I let it slide to 1.5 or even 2 mos.), or use crappy Folgers or (ugh) most tap waters, then you get what you get. Don't blame Cuisinart.

Replacing the water filter (revealed by opening the top lid -- it's on the left side) is a 10.05 minute operation, of which 10 minutes is soaking the filter in a cup of water before putting it in the coffee maker. Replacing it is otherwise a snap, just open the lid, grasp the slender filter housing, pull up, pop open, replace the filter, close it, and put the housing back in.

The carafe design is the best I have ever seen. The top of lid of the carafe grips to the body, which is very important. The reason most carafes on other coffee machines spill is that the lid pops up while pouring and it is hard to avoid spilling. I have never had a problem pouring. It's so ingenious I don't understand why everyone doesn't do this.

I don't recommend the grind-and-brew version, based on indirect feedback. The extra gadgetry works against the balance in this nice, basic coffee machine. It's not the cheapest machine, but it works for me.

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