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Cuisinart DCC-1200BW 12 Cups Coffee Maker - Matte Black Metal

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Look, Ma, no leaks! (while brewing)

Feb 15, 2005 (Updated Nov 3, 2009)
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Pros:A stylish coffeemaker.

Cons:Slightly awkward to fill. The carafe may develop leaks around the top.

The Bottom Line: A coffeemaker that does not leak while brewing.  However, now the coffee leaks around the collar when pouring that first cup.

UPDATE 11/3/09 In my searching for a less expensive replacement carafe, I stumbled over a thread where a poster described a procedure to disassemble the carafe, clean it thoroughly under the plastic rim, and reassemble it.  I did that, and it stopped the leak!  A quick reiteration of those instructions are: remove the screw in the bottom of the handle that holds the handle to the metal strap around the bottom of the carafe.  Since I didn't have an offset Phillips screwdriver handy, I drilled a hole through the handle so I could access the screw with a straight screwdriver.  The handle then can be removed from the top plastic ring.  With gentle pressure, push the top plastic ring off the carafe.  The gummy seal should remain on the top edge of the carafe.  Carefully clean all the residue around the gummy seal and inside the plastic ring.  Seat the plastic ring back on the glass carafe by getting it into position, then place the carafe upsidedown on a firm flat surface against the plastic ring and with firm pressure, push the carafe back into the ring.  When seated properly, reattach the handle.  It's worth the try to save $20 or so for a new carafe.

UPDATE 10/17/09 The carafe on the second Cuisinart coffeemaker I purchased started to leak around the top when pouring the first cup of coffee.  Replacement carafes are expensive, almost half the cost of what I paid for the coffeemaker at Costco.  A lot cheaper to put a paper towel under the carafe when pouring than buying a replacement.  But I will change my rating due to this defect.  Still brews a great cup of coffee.  The original carafe on the first Cuisinart coffeemaker I reported on does not leak (yet).

UPDATE 9/23/08 Still using the original Cuisinart coffeemaker daily and it is still working fine. The lid still fits snugly, there are no leaks, and the inevitable staining from coffee is minimal. So I bought an identical looking Cuisinart coffeemaker, now called Model CBC-00PC6, for a vacation home. One has to look real close to see the differences. The price is under $50 at Costco. Unlike the old Cuisinart, the stainless steel does not wrap completely around the unit, but is only on the sides and the front. The back is black plastic, like the base. The toggle switch has been replaced with a rotary knob that is a bit stiff to turn to the 'on' position. An improvement, one can adjust the shutoff time on this new unit from zero to four hours. The default shutoff time is two hours. Like its predecessor, it does not leak and brews a fantastic pot of coffee in about four minutes.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Do we really need another review on a coffeemaker that already has 73 written? Yes, because no one has taken the time to describe one of the major flaws in the inexpensive coffeemakers that causes the brewed coffee to leak around the carafe. With so many coffeemakers that utilize the pause and serve feature, the levers that control the pause and serve valve to insure that the carafe is under the basket serve as a conduit for some of the brewed coffee to dribble outside of the lid of the carafe and on to the hot plate. In other coffeemakers, the center of the carafe is not directly under the pause and serve valve, and a small chute is utilized to direct the flow of brewed coffee to the center of the carafe's lid. When the coffee first starts brewing, the slow dribble and the surface tension sometimes allows the coffee to drip to the side, missing the carafe and leaking around the hot plate and the base. After dealing with several of these poorly designed coffeemakers (Mr. Coffee), I found a factory reconditioned Cuisinart DCC 1200 at a Sears Parts Store. The center of the lid on the carafe pushed directly up on the pause and serve valve, and the only way the brewed coffee comes out is directly into the carafe. Finally, no leaks!

And of course, the plastic parts had to be black. I have discarded too many coffeemakers over the years because I could not clean the brown coffee stains that made the machines look repulsive.

Some have mentioned that it is awkward to fill the coffeemaker with water, and read the water level. I agree, but a simple solution is to over-fill the carafe with cold water, then slowly pour the water into the machine to the desired level. With more water than necessary in the carafe, one does not have to tip the carafe as far, and the excess water in the carafe can be dumped out before setting the carafe under the basket.

Others have complained about the high price of the charcoal water filter. Agreed. I just purchased a year's worth on Amazon for $15 inc. shipping, but we filter all our water out of the tap with a Brita filter. If we run out of the Cuisinart filters, the Brita does an adequate job removing chlorine.

Some have complained about the basket being hard to clean. What's to clean? We have been using the Melitta brown paper cone filters, and have yet to have any grounds linger in the basket.

Many have mentioned the high price of the DCC-1200. It is available at Costco and Sam's Club for under $70 (new). I was fortunate to find a factory reconditioned unit in perfect condition for under $30.

The Cuisinart DCC-1200 is a well designed coffeemaker that does not leak!

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