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Jan 14, 2007 (Updated Jan 14, 2007)
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Pros:Hot hot cup of coffee, nice retro/industrial look, self cleaning, 3 yr warranty

Cons:pricey, small reservoir opening, pricey carbon filters

The Bottom Line: Good looks and a good cup of coffee. Backed by a 3 year warranty. Can't go wrong. Pay the extra for this

Just got this machine. After my good old 10 yr old Braun started sparking.

Initially couldn't justify paying for a pricey coffee maker. Isn't a coffee maker just something that heats up water and then passes it thru a filter. Why would one pay $100 when a $20 or even $40 one does the same?

I really doubt there is a huge difference for a normal person. When it comes to kitchen appliances LOOKS is often a deciding factor rather than practicality. People pay double just for a look or stainless steel. Even if it's the identical model. Could never understand but I do the same but within reason.

Ok so this unit looks good and goes with all my stainless steel appliance. You have a Subzero fridge, Kitchen aid stove/oven. Can you really get a Black & Decker coffee maker????? Well my logic changed and I said this will last 10year so what the..... go for it and have your kitchen look good. The Cuisinart brand is very reliable so you can't go wrong. The salesperson said this was the best maker beating out Kitchen Aid and Grup by a mile.

This unit lists at $99 Cdn but I got it for $79.
The unit makes the hottest coffee I've had from a home machine. This was key in my decision as I've had other makers which made a luke warm cup of coffee and it just doesn't taste too good. In fact if you drink it black, it can be too hot.

The stainless steel is not really stainless steel but a thin stainless sheet look. It is very finger print prone more than real stainless. It's very hard to get the fingerprints off. But this is the price to pay for the look and everyone is willing to live with it.

The Carbon filter is a good idea but it can get costly. I have a filter in my home so I won't be using it after the intial free one included in the box. There must be a way to refill carbon in a small bag to duplicate the filter. This would be a fraction of the price if you can do this. I refill my home filter as opposed to buying new filters.

It's a little acwkward to fill up the water in the reservoir. First if your upper cupboards are not very high then you will have some problems. Furthermore you have to pull the unit out to the edge of the counter to pour the water in. If you use the units glass pot to pour water into the resovoir, it's a bit hard to get the last bit in.

There is a timer and a self clean feature which can be handy.

The warranty is an amazing 3 years and if you have a credit card with extended warranty make that 6 years!!!! Wow. But really, what can really go wrong.

The unit looks nice and does accent the kitchen nicely.

My advice is go for it as it will last 10 years so that's like $10 a year!!!!

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