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Sep 14, 2009
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Cons:I don't like the filter feature because of reasons I've explained

The Bottom Line: I would highly recommend this coffee maker, coffee is HOT and strength selector is accurate, as well as the design features which I've mentioned make this the best coffee maker

I've had my Cuisinart Coffee Maker for 5 yrs now and it is the BEST one I've ever had. The design was brilliant. Have you ever forgotton to close the lid after you've filled the water to brew the coffee, and found water all over your kitchen counter and floors? NOT WITH THE CUISINART.... I have, several times, left the lid open after I've filled it with water, and turned the button on to brew the coffee. The design does not let the water flow all over the counter top and the floor, the brewer is on, but the water goes right into the filter and down into the coffee pot. BRILLIANT IDEA and I love this.

Also, the design is that when you are using the carafe to fill the resevoir, it was designed that you cannot accidentally pour the water onto the counter top. The design is that when you pour the water from the carafe to the resevoir, the bottom of the carafe sits nicely on one end of the top of the coffee maker, and the pourer sits right over the hole where the water is stored in the resevoir. Hope you understand what I mean. Anyway, great design qualities to save on some of the messes we have endured with previous coffee pots.

The water filter which grabs all of the inpurities of the water is a good feature too, but I don't use mine, as I don't like the idea of a wet filter sitting inside the filter's chamber, as bacteria do like to grow in moist, dark, warm places, so I just don't ever use my filter, as my whole house water is filtered any how.

The brew selector works GREAT. We like our coffee dark and strong, and the selector does such a wonderful job. The coffee is HOT too.

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend this Cuisinart Coffee Maker. When this one finally gives up on me, I will get another exactly the same. We are VERY HAPPY with this.

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