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Cuisinart CSB-77 SmartStick Blender

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Great Tool, Saves Time, Simplifies Life

Mar 1, 2008 (Updated Mar 1, 2008)
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Pros:Convenient, Works well, small footprint on counter

Cons:Corded but that's not that bad as cord wasn't in the way.

The Bottom Line: Much better than a blender and I believe the chopper function will also be superior.

I received this today as an early birthday present from my sister.

She knows I have benefited from drinking Walker Low Carb Drinks several times a day. I just started about a month ago and the only hassle is that I have been using a blender to mix the drinks, which means washing the blender and lid soon after use because most protein drinks really stick to blender lids and surfaces if you don't wash them right away.

Sometimes I've skipped the drink when I wanted to have it just because the blender was soaking.

I'm a diabetic and the Walker drinks have really helped with my weight loss and my blood sugar readings so being able to drink them when I feel like one is important. Timing is everything. If I have one as I'm running out the door in the morning, the blender isn't ready for the next one when I come home that night. If I'm tired it could be the next morning before I get around to washing out the blender.

My sister knew that I've been wanting a hand blender for about a year and this must have been on sale for $16.71 !!at Sam's Club. I used it for the first time with my protein drink and I'm really happy she thought of me.

I can measure the cold water in the beaker, add the powder, blend the drink in a matter of seconds and drink it from the beaker if I'm feeling lazy (I like to use a cold glass). I can rinse the beaker out very quickly and put hot soapy water in it. I can then rinse off the wand by swishing it around in the beaker of soapy water, rinse both and I'm done. Way, way, way faster than using a blender and it's available for another drink in no time flat, and I really mean no time flat. Ah, a tool after mine own heart! (It's March and my Irish naturally comes out!)

I would have liked a rechargeable hand blender but to tell you the truth the cord doesn't distract from the overall speed and convenience enough to make me want to change this in any way. This blender is powerful and has a 3 year warranty.

I haven't used the whisk or the chopper but I look forward to the convenience of chopping with such an easy to clean tool. I eat a lot of vegetables and nuts so this is going to be handy. My present chopper is very small, like a coffee bean grinder and hard to clean because the blade doesn't come out so this will be a great addition to my kitchen tools.

As I've said in other reviews on, I like tools that work well the first time and every time I grab for them. This is one of those tools and so rates 5 stars from me. It is a little heavy but that's no big deal. I am not a strong person or a tall person and I can manage this tools weight and length just fine.

Welcome to the family, Cuisinart Hand Blender! By the way, loved the easy way this was packed, so easy to get out and use right away without having to cut through bags.

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Amount Paid (US$): 16.71

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