Cuisinart Coffee on Demand DCC-2000 12 Cups Coffee Maker - Silver Reviews

Cuisinart Coffee on Demand DCC-2000 12 Cups Coffee Maker - Silver

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Feb 14, 2007
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Pros:GREAT BREW! No glass parts to be broken. Easy Clean-up. Dependable. Sturdy. Great design.

Cons:Seeing dispensed amount can be difficult. Fill opening could be larger. Pricey.

The Bottom Line: If you want a great cup of drip coffee, buy this unit and good coffee grounds. Will make price reasonable.

I've owned this coffee maker for over 9 months now and it truly makes the best brew I've had from a drip coffee maker. Coffee never tastes burnt - even after reheating twice. I prefer espresso but, due to my work schedule, I can only enjoy that on my days off because of time restraints. For drip coffee, I use Kona in my Cuisinart.

Brew time is fairly fast in my opinion. My 12 cups are completed in under 12 minutes.

So far, with 9 months of steady use, all seals and functions still operate correctly. It does not drip or leak. I can detect no warpage or loose parts. I once owned a Mr. Coffee that warped at least an inch from the top forward in less than 3 months.

My unit will automatically shut off after *2 hours and, if needed, I will just "start" it again (turn it back on) and after 2 more hours the last cup is as good as the first. Love the digital clock and timer indicators for having the brew ready in the morning. Programming is a snap.

*For those who complain that the coffee goes cold too soon, the problem may lie with the inability to read instructions. The 2000 can be set manually to keep heating from 1-4 hours depending on your setting. I have mine set to heat for 2 hours.

It's nice not having to worry about breaking a glass carafe. Cleaning is a breeze, as the entire section holding the coffee and the basket lifts out (the basket can be lifted out separately if desired). I take the entire section out and carrying it to the sink if any really old coffee is left in it.

Design is really sleek looking with the chrome, dial, and knobs. Drip tray is a great idea and cleaning that is also a breeze, as it is removable as well. Dial indicator is fairly accurate and once you get used to where the pointer sits before the last cup is drawn it is easy to recognize where "near empty" is.

I also have a tall travel mug I use when driving to work and until I removed the drip tray for cleaning, I didn't realize that the opening in the base (hidden by the drip tray when in place) was intentional. It accommodates the travel mugs height to allow it to be placed under the dispensing area. Took me a week to realize it was there (O.K., I don't clean the drip tray often enough).

A couple of items that are Cons:

1) Filling the reservoir takes some care as the opening isn't huge - it's adequate, but not quite large enough.

I overcame this by using a bottle of water kept in the refrigerator for my coffee needs (filtered water). Transferring the water is simple using this method, though I have read that some prefer using their spray nozzle from the sink.

2) Depending on where you place your Cuisinart and your lighting situation, the ability to see how much you are dispensing in your cup can be difficult. Kind of sits in the shadows under the dispenser.

A small light activated when the dispensing handle is used would have been great. Instead, I use the "Blind Man" method of having the tip of my thumb near the top, within the cup. When it fills to my thumb tip, I'm done.

As with some drip machines...

A few may complain that water spills after filling and moving the Cuisinart back under the cabinet. That happened to me until I realized it was just easier not to fill it to the brim in an effort to get that last 2 ozs. of water in it.

The cover flap on top is hinged in the back meaning that if you place the unit under a cabinet, the entire coffee maker will have to be pulled forward in order to access the reservoir and filter. No big deal, just a note about it and I don't remember ever owning a coffee maker that didn't require moving the unit out from under the cabinet in order to fill it - this includes those with a glass carafe from which you poured the water into the top of the unit.


It is sturdy, well built, and easy to clean. It is the most expensive drip coffeemaker I've purchased, but the quality of the build and the taste of the Java it produces was worth the price. After being spoiled by this drip machine I will never go back to the glass carafe, with the burnt taste, ever again.

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