Best Kept Secret-Buy the DLC-5 & Save Money

Jan 21, 2001 (Updated Jan 21, 2001)
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Pros:Excellent food processor; quiet;versatile

Cons:Overpriced; larger than necessary

The Bottom Line: Save yourself a lot of money and opt for the DLC-5 which is in every respect except size, just as fine a machine as the DLC-8.

This food processor is an excellent appliance for any kitchen, but unless you are preparing foods for a very large family, you would probably be better off with the DLC-5 which is a 7-cup model that is almost identical in all other respects to the DLC-8.

I used the DLC-8 and had no problems with it. But then I received the DLC-5 as a gift and began using that one. I soon began to realize that the machines are almost identical except for capacity.I have rarely felt the need for the larger size machine and I suspect that unless you are preparing food for a very large family, you will find this size more than adequate. All utility blades are available for this machine just as with other models. The DLC-5 stores much easier too.

The best part about the DLC-5 is that it costs HALF of what the DLC-8 costs. You won't see the DLC-5 advertised much and I suppose this is because Cuisinart and most vendors would like to see you spend more money than you have to.So if you still feel it is necessary to spend $200. on a Cuisinart, my advice is to buy 2 DLC-5s and make one a nice gift for someone special. They will be eternally grateful.

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