Cuisinart Stainless Steel Can Opener - Proof That Looks Are Not Everything

Feb 11, 2008 (Updated Feb 11, 2008)
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Pros:sleek and state of the art appearance, easy to clean

Cons:The motor died after three months

The Bottom Line: I would not recommend this Cuisinart Model SCO-60 stainless steel can opener because the motor was defective.

When I moved into my new home, with its all-stainless steel kitchen appliances, I decided to replace my still-functioning but not so sleek-looking old white electric can opener for a shiny new modern-designed stainless steel

I chose the Cuisinart deluxe stainless steel opener, Model SCO-60 for its sharp design, good looks and the reputation for quality that one usually associates with Cuisinart.

With its smooth lines and extra wide base to provide stability, along with its claim of an extra strong power cut blade assembly, I was quite sure that this was the perfect choice.

When I first started using it, I noticed that it had a difficult time catching the lid of the can to be opened. It often took four or five attempts to actually begin the opening process. Once the power cut blade was finally positioned inside the rim of the can, and the blade finally pierced the can, the cutting worked fine There was no need to hold the lever down during the cutting, which was a nice feature. The cutting action automatically stopped once the can was completely open. There was a magnet to hold the lid.

This model is easy to keep clean, with the cutting blade assembly easy to remove for cleaning. The directions even suggested taking the entire lever assembly, which included the blade, and placing it in the top shelf of the dishwasher. I thought that was a great feature. The stainless stayed shiny and bright with just an occasional touch of glass cleaner and a paper towel.

However, within three months after buying this can opener, the motor just died. There was no warning. One day it worked, and the next day it didn't. I have never had any appliance fail me this quickly! Halfway through dinner, I had to go hunting for my original old manual can opener that I have probably had since I was a newlywed. The only reason I still had that was that it was part of my hurricane supplies, just in case of a power outage.

Unfortunately, in the chaos of moving into my new home, I did not save the box that it came in, nor did I have the receipt or original warranty papers that came with the opener.

The last thing on my mind when unpacking and setting up my new kitchen was saving paperwork for something as simple as a can opener. Without the box or receipt, I knew the store would not take it back, and that would invalidate any warranty. I did learn a lesson from this experience. I now try to save all receipts and warranty information for everything I purchase, even something as small as an electric can opener.

My Cuisinart stainless steel can opener certainly was a disappointment and a classic example that looks are not everything! I went out and bought a new inexpensive, VERY easy to use manual can opener that now sits neatly away in my drawer.

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