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Cuisinart TOB-60 1500 Watts Toaster Oven

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Cuisinart TOB-60 1500 Watts Toaster Oven with Convection Cooking - Pros & Cons

Oct 19, 2011
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Pros:attractive, effective, durable

Cons:gets pretty hot, toast feature

The Bottom Line: The Bottom Line is this toaster draws more pluses than minuses. 

Our work needed some appliances to put in our teacher's workroom to help make our lunch times a little easier.  We have a nicely designed work room that allows us a variety of ways to store and heat our meals.  One of the items we added to the work room was the Cuisinart TOB-60 1500 Watts Toaster Oven with Convection Cooking.  Cuisinart was a familiar name many were comfortable with and the decision was made that as staff we needed more than just a toaster.

This appliance is sleek and uses 1500 watts.  It claims to go up to 500 degrees in temperature.  It's attractively designed and looks good in our room. It comes complete with 3 dials and a glass door.  It looked sturdy and we felt that it could withstand multiple people using it on a given day. It has bake, toast and broil options.   

We primarily use this toaster oven for toasted and reheating purposes. It is plugged into our community work room and rests well on the counter.  Typically staff are not baking from scratch or broiling anything, so I cannot address those features.  Toasting is the main way this is used, though many of us use it to reheat meals that we'd prefer to be baked than microwaved. 

I overall thrilled that we have a toaster oven at our disposal.  I often eat english muffins at home, and with the addition of this appliance I can now easily pack an english muffin and some peanut butter and have a warm, toasted lunch.  Many of us toast our bread or sandwich slices or bagels as well to go with our sandwiches.  It give us an option to more or less "create" a sandwich at work that is a more hot and fresh option.  My favorite thing to toast besides the english muffin is an "everything" bagel.  I use it to then have a warm turkey and cheese sandwich on a bagel - Yum!

I also use the toaster oven to heat back up leftover pizza. This was another reason I was excited with this appliance. I hate, hate, hate microwaved pizza. It gets the bread part mushy and soggy. Having a toaster oven like this allows me to recreate more comforting hot meals and has improved my lunch time and my habits about the food that I pack.

The toaster oven overall is a good choice, though I do think our work room would have done equally well with another model. This model, I felt, was a little pricier, and I don't love the 3 dials it comes with.  The dials can be stiff to turn and the toaster option can be a little temperamental I feel unless really familiar with the device. I had to fiddle with it the first few times to get my english muffin toasted just how I like! - in this case I feel that a regular bread toaster would have performed just fine. Also, the toaster oven gets really really hot - though I've yet to find a toaster oven that does not.  It does make it hard when multiple people want to use the toaster oven because, though we've not had any safety issues yet, you do have to be careful using it one after the other because the area all around the toaster oven appears to get hot as well. Typically we have a pot holder type thing nearby and that really helps.  Also, because we all have lunch toward the mid day this toaster oven has sufficient time to cool down and unplug before we all go home for the day. 

Still I can completely see why the toaster oven is a better community option - allowing people to heat up a wider variety of foods that a mere toaster would, and I am grateful for its addition to our work room - I use it 3 to 4 days a week. 

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