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Cuisinart DCC-1150BK 10 Cups Coffee Maker

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Cuisinart DCC- 1150 10 Cup Coffee Maker Saves Electricity, But.....

Dec 26, 2011
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Pros:Saves electricity; permanent filter; water filter; brew pause

Cons:Doesn't stay hot for long: Easy to forget to clean; Difficult to clean carafe

The Bottom Line: This Cuisinart unit has its share of good and bad points and therefore rates as only average overall.

A coffee maker is a kitchen essential, at least to me. It isn’t that I use a coffee maker continuously and any co- worker will tell you that I consume far too much of the warm, dark liquid while I work. But I still consider a coffee maker a must because I like having one handy if/when the time comes that I do want to brew a pot of coffee to enjoy and share. The coffee maker that has occupied my kitchen counter for more than a year now is the Cuisinart DCC- 1150 10 Cup Coffee Maker. Let’s take a look at this coffee- making small appliance.

Coffee Maker Facts and Figures:

The Cuisinart DCC- 1150 10 Cup Coffee Maker is sold in either white (like the one pictured) or black with metallic highlights and a metal carafe. The coffee maker comes with a charcoal water filter for the purest, cleanest water possible and a permanent filter for the coffee grounds. It can brew up to ten cups and it has a special 1 to 4 cup option that double heats the water and is ideal for brewing small amounts without taking away from the flavor of the final product.

Cuisinart DCC- 1150 10 Cup Coffee Maker is programmable to brew coffee at a specific time and it includes an LCD clock for easy reference. The function knob includes settings for Auto- On, Program, and Clock and Brew. A brew pause option allows the consumer the means to remove the carafe in the middle of the brewing cycle, pour a cup, and then resume the cycle.

The Cuisinart DCC- 1150 10 Cup Coffee Maker is designed to save energy and it accomplishes this through its automatic shutoff. Once the brewing cycle has finished, the coffee maker will beep a few times, then shut off. The insulated metal carafe is intended to keep the coffee hot without the need for continuous heating.

This coffee maker has a stylish, modern appearance and it fits easily onto most kitchen countertops, measuring about eight by nine inches at the base, with a thirteen inch height. The Cuisinart DCC- 1150 10 Cup Coffee Maker comes with a measuring spoon and instruction book for reference. A limited three- year warranty protects against problems.
Final Thoughts:
The Cuisinart DCC- 1150 10 Cup Coffee Maker is one of several different coffee makers I have owned over the years. Braun, Mr. Coffee, and other brands have spent some time on my kitchen counter, but this is the first time I have actually owned a Cuisinart brand coffee maker (I have used many, but never owned one). I selected this coffee maker for its physical appearance (my kitchen consists of black and stainless steel small and large appliances) and for its power- saving feature. Most all of the other appliances in my home are Energy Star or are otherwise electricity efficient so it made sense to buy a coffee maker that can save a little money on power usage.

This coffee maker brews in a similar fashion to other modern coffee makers. The water reservoir is in the back of the unit and is out of immediate view. A small window on the side of the reservoir indicates the amount of water inside and once filled to the desired level, it is just a matter of adding coffee to the permanent filter, pushing the filter into place above the carafe, and turning on the power. The water heats up, flows through the filters, and ends up in the carafe ready to drink. One aspect that is different is, of course, the carafe itself. It is a thermal metal container and it seals itself at the top, to hold in heat. The cap has small openings that allow the hot liquid to run through, but once the brewing is finished and the power shuts off, the lid seals itself shut in an effort to preserve as much heat as possible.

The Cuisinart DCC- 1150 10 Cup Coffee Maker is certainly a nice looking appliance and thanks to the automatic shutoff, it does help save power, making it a great choice for those who brew coffee on a regular basis. The carafe is unbreakable, which is nice, and the programmable functions work well. The coffee that the unit brews is as good as any and the functionality seems okay, at least with my modest usage of about once per week. And I like the showerhead- style water distribution system because it helps spread out the water over all of the coffee grounds, for a better, more consistent brew.
Now, let’s talk about the potential problems with the Cuisinart DCC- 1150 10 Cup Coffee Maker because there are a few. The one I noticed immediately is the difficulty with cleaning the carafe. The opening at the top is quite small and only the most petite hands/fingers will be able to fit inside. I have found it necessary to use a brush for cleaning purposes because there is just no way to get my hand inside. And drying? Well, I have found the best option is to turn it upside down and air dry. Again, the problem is the small opening. I suppose you could place a paper towel on the end of some other object and then stick it inside the carafe and try to soak up the excess water. But other than that, there is little else you can do.
The next problem I noticed with the Cuisinart DCC- 1150 10 Cup Coffee Maker is the same one you will hear mentioned by other consumers who own this unit: It doesn’t keep coffee hot for very long. Cuisinart did what it could to manufacture the carafe in such a way as to maintain heat, but there are still limits to its ability. The lid does seal itself and the carafe is double- walled to keep the heat inside, but it is still limited in its capabilities so you need to hurry up and finish drinking as quickly as possible. If you wait too long, you will have to pour the coffee into a microwave safe cup and heat it up, or pour it down the drain.

Another potential disadvantage with a coffee maker such as this is one you wouldn’t think about at first, but that becomes more evident as you use the unit. Because the carafe is metal and is non- see through like a glass carafe, there is always a chance you will forget about the pot of coffee you made this morning and fail to wash it out. Most people will pour a cup, then push the carafe back into place, on the unit. You cannot see the actual coffee and because of this, it is very easy to forget about it and let it sit there for days or even weeks. The carafe is tightly sealed, so you won’t even realize that coffee is still in the carafe or that coffee grounds are still in the filter basket. I have experienced this more than once. I went to use the coffee maker, only to discover there was mold/mildew in the coffee filter basket  and old, nasty- smelling coffee still in the carafe. I completely forgot to clean it- a classic state of “out of sight, out of mind”, and something I never had to worry about when I used coffee makers with glass carafes because I could easily see the leftover coffee.

Overall, I cannot say that the Cuisinart DCC- 1150 10 Cup Coffee Maker is an excellent coffee maker for the reasons above and I can fully understand why the reviews of this coffee maker are so mixed. I find it sufficient for my limited, fast- drinking needs but I can see how some consumers will have a problem with the lack of heat. It does save electricity, but if you drink your coffee frequently and slowly, then a coffee maker like this may prove inadequate and frustrating over the long haul and for these reasons, I rate this Cuisinart small appliance as average overall.

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