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The Therapy for Scars: Not Quite a Cure

Nov 3, 2005
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Pros:Has worked on my scar; fairly invisible, flexible and sticky.

Cons:Depending on how big your scar this can get expensive; may not work; dry skin.

The Bottom Line: I would definitely recommend that you give Curad Scar Therapy a try. For $20 or $40 it is worth the risk that it won't work for you.

I have been trying for years now to make a scar on my face a bit less noticeable. I liked Mederma but at some point I thought I had tried it long enough.

Scar Zone didn’t do anything. This spring I got several samples of Curad Scar Therapy. I usually don’t bite when I get samples but this time was different. After using them for over a week I saw something different about my skin and am now on my second box.

Curad Scar Therapy:

The ones I got in the mail were white. I remember being told on the package that they came in a clear form as well. I got a $2.50 off coupon making the $19.99 price tag a bit less painful.

The box comes with 21 pads which is considered a 21 day course of treatment. However they are 2 3/4” by 1 1/2”. My scar is very thin so I am able to get three or more strips out of one pad. The course of treatment is eight weeks but we are told that further improvements may be made if I used them for more than 8 weeks. So basically the $19.99 lasted me for 8 weeks but I have continued using Curad Scar Therapy Clear Pads. This will be my last box however.

We are told that Curad Scar Therapy Clear Pads are clinically proven to reduce raised, colored and keloid scars. Keloid scars are firm, rubbery, and can be reddish or darkly colored. They can be shiny, hard pink-dome shaped lumps. I do not have a keloid scar on my face. Rather I was interested in the claim that scars become flatter and smoother. My goal was to smooth the scar so there would be no indentation by my mouth. We are told that the pads can make scars closer to the skin’s natural color which wasn’t my issue but I was interested in changing the texture of it. We are told that that the pads work on new and old scars and can be used on any part of the body.

Although we are told that Curad Scar Therapy Pads are recommended by cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. My doctor recommended Mederma but never recommended Curad just for the record.

The way the Curad Pads work according to the brochure by the parent company, Beiersdorf Inc., is to stimulate blood circulation in the connective tissue and increase temperature and pressure in the scar area.

If you have ever used silicone strips, the pads seem to work more like the strips than the creams at least in my judgment after using silicone, cream and now Curad Pads. The Curad Pads do not contain silicone.

So what are they made of and how are they used?

We are told that they don’t have pharmaceutical ingredients. The ingredients are Polyurethane (synthetic as in resin); Polyurethane Film; Sodium Acrylates; (a soil binder) Alpha-Tocopherol (Stabilizer) this is Vitamin C.

Curad Scar Therapy Pads come in an easy to open package. Unlike the samples which I had to cut, this package peels open. The package contains natural latex which some people are allergic to. We are told that they are self-adhesive, flexible and breathable. The clear pads are much nicer than the samples I got. Although I wouldn’t wear the strip outside, if my scar were tiny or anywhere but on my face the pad is so clear it would hardly be noticeable.

The pad is very sticky. It is sticky enough that it is a tad bit challenging to cut. At first I found myself trying to rip it but all that did was stretch the pad. The strip I put on my face stays on my face. I first wash and dry the area and then wear it for 12 hours if I can. If I am going out I take it off and then put another piece on when I get home. It is important to wear it for about 12 hours a day. That has worked for me. Perhaps 10 hours would work for you or perhaps not. Obviously results vary by face, scar and skin type.

I have showered with the strip on but only if I am taking what I call a “quick rinse off.” I take it off for my normal showering. I have found the moisture loosens the strip. The strip is flexible so I can move my face normally and talk normally but I always know it is on. It is not uncomfortable but because of where it is I am more aware of it. If it were on my arm I wouldn’t know it was there.

Curad Scar Therapy like any scar therapy should not be used on open wounds or burns. I was concerned that the pads might cause a rash because that is a possibility though we are told that they are safe for sensitive skin because they are breathable and allow moisture to evaporate helping to avoid rashes from perspiration. I am not sure how accurate that is since if they were that breathable then they would stay in place in the shower but in any case my skin is sensitive and I have had no rash. I found over the weeks that my skin in that area is even drier than it normally is so I have to use more moisturizer if that’s possible. That is the biggest problem I’ve had with the Curad Pads.

My verdict:

Perhaps the reason I bought Scar Therapy after I used the samples was because of what I saw every time I took the white pad off. I saw marks on it as if my scar marks had transferred onto the pad. I thought this was good. It seemed liked it might be a good thing – I really didn’t know. Those same marks are much harder to see on the clear pads. When I first started using these pads I had to look really hard but I did see the indentations on the pads.

I can definitely see that the skin around my scar and my scar have flattened out making the scar itself less noticeable. My scar is an indentation rather than raised so in some ways I feel it is more stubborn to "fix" than a raised scar. I know that when I put on foundation I don't have to use as much to cover up that area. I know that when I look in the mirror I see less of a scar though the scar is still there. This isn't a cure. There are ways to get rid of some scars permanently. You will have to talk with your doctor if your scar bothers you that much.

The reason I said this would be my last box is because I feel that at this point the scar looks as good as it will ever look without an invasive intervention. I suppose it is possible like with silicone strips the scar comes back just like it looked. If that is the case I would buy another box and continue to use Curad Scar Therapy Clear Pads.

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