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Cutco is not a good buy
by vegb
I wrote a comment about Cutco to another review. I won't repeat myself here. I'll just say that I've used wooden handled knives for more than half a century. One of my knives was passed down to me from another generation and is probably older than I am. I have never had a wooden knife handle split on me.

A really good kitchen knife can be bought retail for ~$25. A Cutco one costs 3 times as much. A plastic handled knife with the grade of steel Cutco uses can be bought for far less than $25. I don't see why anyone would want to buy Cutco knives.
Jun 12, 2007
11:05 am PDT

More Prices
by MrsThomas
Can you add some more prices for different pieces please?
Jun 27, 2006
6:22 pm PDT

Love Cutco
by shugga
I've owned my Cutco knives for 30+ years and love them. I've had them sharpened a few times and they are just like new. One of them had a chip out of the end (my DH tried to use it as a screwdriver) and they repaired if free of charge. I just had to pay shipping. Love, love love them!
Oct 15, 2005
4:51 pm PDT

Re: Re: Just one correction:
by curiousguymn
"I'm aware that many pros don't like Cutco. But the whole point of Epinions is that you know you're hearing from consumers who are relating their own experiences with a product."

And that's also one of the problems with epinions is that you get people making comments on things they know very little of. How can someone who knows very little about forged vs stamped, heft and bolsters and how it relates to balance, serrated vs straight edges, and so forth actually give advice on kitchen knives when what they are saying is the total opposite of what experts on the subject are saying.

Cutco's blade is thinner, lighter, and more flimsy than almost any other blade at their pricepoint, it corrodes easier, and the DD edges don't make as clean of a cut. Serrated knives look like this: ^^^^ while the tips wear down quickly and easily from the food and cutting board the concave parts stay sharp much longer. Yet only a portion of the blade stays sharp and marginally sharp at that and the tips will make rips and tears in the food. You generally can't sharpen serrated edges yourself and you end up with very dull knives compared to a well maintained straight edge.

Typical consumers not educated on kitchen knives have no idea just how razor sharp kitchen knives can get, once their knives get dull they get accustomed to it while the pro will sharpen them with a few swipes at a sharpening steel at least once a week to keep even the slightest hint of dullness on their blades.

You can send your knives in to Cutco to have them resharpen them for you in which you'll have to pay shipping prices for heavy steel objects, or possibly get a saleperson to come in and sharpen them for you if there's one in your area, but they will try to sell you more knives in the process. The guarantee is about the only thing on Cutco that stacks up to the competition- stamped knives are so extremely cheap and easy to make the can replace your knives several times over and still make a good profit.
Mar 6, 2004
8:19 am PST

Just one correction:
by curiousguymn
"Cutco knives have resin handles, so they won't split like wood."
Actually wood is a resin.

Also, Consumer Reports magazine said the handles are more uncomfortable than more and corrode eassier than most, and they recommended many knives above Cutco. Master Chef Wylie Dufresne told GQ magazine "I have plenty of friends whose parents have Cutco in a knife block. You pull them out and they're all as dull as can be." Norman Weinstein, a nationally recognized kitchen knife skills instructor was quoted by the Baltimore Sun newspaper as saying "Why, why, would you buy such a knife?"
Feb 29, 2004
12:32 pm PST

Re: mpelletr
by sofia_cowan
I have had Cutco in my family for about 20 years. The set I have has been passed down to me by my mother and she had it for about 18 years. She sent the set back ONCE to be resharpened and that was about a year ago. I've been using it for a year and can't believe I hadn't bought my own set sooner. It's all I'll ever think about buying now. About a week ago, I answered a newspaper ad and discovered the job position was for marketing Cutco. I couldn't have found a better job! Unfortunately, I am new to the Space Coast area and would appreciate anyone who would not mind sitting with me for 30 minutes so I can explain to you the wonders of our knife and gift sets! If you have Cutco or are looking into Cutco, I would be happy to get you a great price on whatever you choose as well as tell you how you can receive free merchandise with our "Cutco Rewards" program. I get paid for showing you my presentation so there is never any pressure to buy but I do look forward to showing you what you may not know you are missing by now owning atleast one of these exquisite pieces. You don't have to be in Florida either. I would be happy to go over whatever you may need over the phone or through e-mail. My e-mail address is and if you would like to get a glimpse of what we can offer, feel free to visit . I Look forward to hearing from you soon!
Sep 23, 2003
2:17 pm PDT

by acscaper
I just started with the Wrecking Crew (in case you don't know, that's in College Station, TX), and I'm trying to find out more, objectively, how good/bad Cutco is. Personally, I've been through the training, used the products, and I have complete confidence in them or I would have walked away from the job very soon. However, I'll say right up front I DON'T CARE IF I MAKE A SALE or not. I'm doing the job for the business experience, and my goal is simply to inform people of the product, and answer their questions (myself or find the answers if I don't know). If they want to purchase or not is their decision.

Anyway, I'd like to hear from anyone who owns Cutco, what do you honestly think of it?
May 10, 2003
4:57 pm PDT

Looking For Cutco? Here is how you can purchase a set!
by cally148
My Name is Carly Thomas, and i am a Cutco representative. I realize since Cutco products have to be purchased by a sales rep,it tends to be difficult to find a one. I am putting my name out for anyone who has cutco, wants cutco, or would just like to hear about this amazing set of cutlery. I can sell you anything you'd like over the phone, or in person. If you would like to see any literature about Cutco i can supply that also.
You can Email me at and i will quickly answer any requests or questions you may have.


Carly Thomas
Cutco Sales Representative
Jul 23, 2002
8:35 am PDT

by mpelletr
i totally agree 100% that cutco is the best.
Jul 2, 2000
5:30 am PDT