The CP1350AVRLSCD UPS system was there for me when I needed it

Jul 22, 2011 (Updated Jul 22, 2011)
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Pros:worked great when the power went out. I was able to shut down manually

Cons:I couldn't get the auto shutdown feature to work. Also, the unit seems pricey

The Bottom Line: It was worth buying for me.

The fact is, the power supply in Chicago can be fragile during intense storm. In Com Eds defense, the storms this year have been pretty bad. However, I find it hard to respect a company who complains about storms of the century on an annual basis.

My computer is not particularly expensive or valuable, but my data is valuable to me, particularly all my recordings and my family financial records, all of which is backed up meticulously.

So, when my previous APC battery backup would no longer accept a charge, I looked around for alternatives. I wanted a reliable unit that would power my CPU and my critical hard drive for enough time for me to shut down the PC. I was impressed with the features on this unit, the CyberPower CP1350AVRLSCD UPS system. My excellent experience with previous Cyberpower products also helped seal the deal.

The unit has the following features:
-         8 outlets
-         Green power, advanced circuitry reduces power drain up to 75%
-         Intelligent LCD display, with load and remaining battery capacity
-         Software which is supposed to shut down the pc automatically in the event of an outage
-         4 Surge protection outlets
-         4 UPS (uninterrupted power supply) outlets
-         Can surge protect network and coaxial cables
-         800 watts of power, estimated to last 2 to 9 minutes in an outage
-         3 year warranty

The CyberPower CP1350AVRLCD UPS System set up easily. The unit worked right away and the included software recognized it. I used the UPS ports for my CPU, my monitor and the two most important hard drives, with other hard drives in the surge protected ports. I also realized that I needed a mouse connected directly to the PC because a powered UPS hub might not work in the event of an outage. So, I attached a mouse directly to the PC. I tested the auto shutdown on several occasions but was unable to get it to work. The footprint on my desktop was a manageable 4 by 13 inches, with a height of  nearly 10 inches

I was home three times when the power went out during the worst outage and the unit worked great. It started beeping when the power went out. The CPU and monitor were still on and the mouse was connected, so I was able to shut down the computer easily each time. I would estimate that I had about 15 minutes available before shutdown, as the power drain on my PC and peripherals is not high.

The software has also reported power surges on occasion and has handled those.

The Cyberpower CP1350AVRLSCD UPS system has worked well in the event of the bad outages of a month ago. I will dock it a star because I couldn't get the auto shutdown to work and because a street price of $130 seems pricey. Still, I am glad that I bought it and I can recommend it.

4 stars

Thanks for reading. God bless!

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