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Tender Sweet Peas - Del Monte Sweet Peas

Sep 15, 2010
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Pros:tender, sweet, good side dish or in other dishes

Cons:none for us

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a good canned pea, my family and I would recommend Del Monte Sweet Peas in the 15.25 can. They are a nice tender sweet pea.

My family and I aren’t huge pea fans but I do like to keep a few cans in my cupboards. We do eat them as a side dish occasionally but I use them more in other type dishes like casseroles and soups. I am not real fussy when it comes to canned vegetables. I have bought name brand and generic canned vegetables. We are not fans of frozen peas but we do like the canned variety. Of course, fresh peas are best but they are something I don’t have on hand a lot. When buying canned peas I will normally purchase what is on sale.  One brand I like to purchase is Del Monte Sweet Peas.

Del Monte Sweet Peas is made peas, water, sugar and salt. A serving of Del Monte Sweet Peas is ½ cup.  The nutritional values for Del Monte Sweet Peas is

Calories     60
Calories from Fat   0
Total Fat   0g
Sodium   390 mg
Total Carbs   13g
Dietary Fiber   4g
Sugars   6g
Protein   3g

Del Monte Sweet Peas are easy to make. You can make it on the stove top or in the microwave. If making in the microwave empty the contents of the can into a dish and cook on high for three to four minutes.  If making on the stove, you empty the contents into a pan and cook about five minutes. I don’t normally add any type of seasoning to peas. We like them plain. I like the Del Monte brand of peas as they are a nice tender pea.

Del Monte is a name that I know and trust when it comes to buying fruits and vegetables Del Monte Sweet Peas can be more expensive then some of the other brands on the shelf but I normally wait until they go on sale to pick up a few cans. I try to keep a few cans in my cupboards at all times for a quick and easy side dish.

Del Monte Sweet Peas costs about $1.19 when not on sale but I wait until it goes on sale for a dollar a can. Del Monte occasionally will put coupons in the paper so if you combine a sale with coupons, you can get them reasonable. I do prefer the “name brand” vegetables over generic but will purchase generic if they are the cheapest.

I have only seen Del Monte Sweet Peas in one size and that is the 15.25 ounce can. I like to keep a can or two on hand for a quick side dish or to add to other dishes. 

I have used Del Monte Sweet Peas in many different ways. I have used it as a side dish and in soups and casseroles. I use Del Monte Sweet Peas in tuna casserole, pot pies and in soups I make. My family likes peas as a side dish but it is not their favorite vegetable so I don’t make it a regularly as vegetables like corn and green beans. I might make peas about once every two weeks or so. I probably use it more in other dishes then I do as a side dish.

If you are looking for a good canned pea, my family and I would recommend Del Monte Sweet Peas in the 15.25 can. They are a nice tender sweet pea.

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