Duraco Products Inc No. Fdm8 - 32806 8x8 Wht Planter/Saucer (32832328069) Reviews

Duraco Products Inc No. Fdm8 - 32806 8x8 Wht Planter/Saucer (32832328069)

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Duraco Plastic Planters

Aug 28, 2008 (Updated Aug 28, 2008)
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Pros:Lightweight plastic, have water saucer attached at the bottom, inexpensive

Cons:Plain and generic looking, they can crack

The Bottom Line: The Duraco line of plastic planters is quite versatile, and they are certainly value priced.  If you want plastic, these work quite well.

For years I used these plastic planters made by Duraco, and just recently decided to get rid of them and replace them with stoneware planters.

The only reason I bought the Duraco brand was because they were inexpensive, and my local WalMart sold a nice variety of them. During the holidays you can even find these planters in Christmas colors of green and red, with gold colored Christmas decorations painted on the front.

There is nothing special about these planters, they are pretty generic. The material on the outside has a matte finish while the inside is a shiny plastic finish. The planter itself is 8 inches tall and 8 inches across the mouth of the opening, so it's for smaller house plants.

The sides are quite vertical, but they do flare out very slightly as you get to the top of the planter. The unit comes with a detachable plastic tray that holds some water, which is a nice feature, because not all plastic plant holders come with a matching tray, which means you need to purchase a clear plastic tray to go under it for catching water, and the look isn't nearly as nice.

Having the tray attached is good for two reasons. First, if I over water my plants, the tray will catch excess water and stop it from running onto my floors. But second, watering from the bottom of the pot is a healthy way to water plants. I remember years ago when Tupperware made similar style planters with deeper saucers attached, and there was a window in the saucer that showed when you could stop adding water. They used the "water from below" theory as well.

Having said that, I have had these over flow on me, and when that happens it's a mess. The water that runs over the top of the saucer is light brown with specs of dirt in it, and it can do a job on a carpet!

I've seen these Duraco planters in a variety of colors, including green, black, and brown, but the ones I owned were white. I say owned, because I just had a garage sale and I sold these for 50 cents each. I don't think I paid more than four or five dollars for them when they were new.

There are pros and cons to the planter being made out of plastic. It's lightweight, much lighter than my stoneware planters! When Spring rolls around I am carting my planters from our shed to the back deck, and it's so much easier to carry these plastic planters around than it is the stoneware ones. The drawback to the plastic, however, is that I have had them crack on my over the long cold winters in Alaska.

Of course, the stoneware can chip and break as well, so that's a toss up. But don't think that just because they are made of plastic that they are unbreakable, because I have had one of mine get a hairline crack down the side, and once that happens it's useless as water seeps out through that crack when it gets towards the bottom.

If you are looking for a good generic planter for your plants, this is a good basic one. Nothing fancy, but it doesn't have a fancy price tag either, costing around $4-5, and they are found in many different stores like WalMart, True Value, Ace, etc. For the money, they can't be beat.

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