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Reckitt Benckiser D - Con Mouse Prufe II - 12 Pack 1920000948 (019200009485)

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d-Con Mouse Prufe II KIlls Mice dead in your Home.

Oct 16, 2009 (Updated Oct 16, 2009)
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Pros:Gets Rid of Mice!

Cons:Kills Mice and makes your home smell of dead rotting mice!

The Bottom Line: I would not recommend d-Con Mouse Prufe II. Very Toxic. Kills the mice to hide and die in your home making your home smell of a rotten corpse for weeks!

I have never lived in a home that had mice problems. I have been living in our new manufactured home for about four months before I saw our first mouse run by me! Upset I called my husband and he told me to run to Wal-mart and get some d-Con Mouse Prufe II.

It is a mouse poisoning that kills mice by dehydrating them, basically suffocating the mouse causing a clotting ability of the blood and cause hemorrhaging. A little disturbed by how they die. I asked my husband and another male friend of ours if it kills the mice like that will I be finding dead mice in my home. They both said no the mice will leave where they got poisoned from in search of water.
The box of d-Con Mouse Prufe II also says you will not find dead mice in your home!!

I go to Wal-mart like I’m told and get the 12-pack of d-con for a reasonable price! I set up the traps where I believe the mice are getting in under my sinks inside my house. 

d-Con Mouse Prufe II is very toxic for humans and animals, so I made sure that I got child locks to put   on my sink cabinets and made sure I was not putting poison traps out anywhere accessible for my toddler child to get a hold of. 

The d-Con Mouse Prufe II comes in a yellow box wedge that may be placed indoors along walls, in corners and in concealed places where mice are active. You DO NOT want to put out d-Con Mouse Prufe II where children or domesticated animals can get a hold of it, VERY IMPORTANT!

I’m waiting for results, waiting to see if I find new mouse droppings in my home. One night my son wakes up crying in the middle of the night, I crawl out of bed. I’m half awake walking into the dark kitchen to get my son a drink of milk. I have a little night light on glaring and walk to the sink, to the pantry and back. Than at the corner of my eye I see something lying on my floor. I turn the kitchen light on.  I find a mouse dead on my kitchen floor, that I’m sure I stepped over several times.  Not what I want to find in the middle of the night. I sit starring at it for a second. I’m still half asleep kind of felt sorry for it.  

My husband is gone! I can’t scream for him to pick up the dead mouse.

Than I think of all the mouse droppings I had cleaned up in my tub, under my sink, all over all the clean baby clothes and baby furniture I sanitized already and worked so hard on getting ready for the new baby. I even found mouse droppings on my night stand by cup of water.....GROSS! All that running through my head I don’t feel too bad the mouse is lying there dead.  I suck it up scrape it up off my floor, which it was stuck to the floor pretty good and tossed it outside!

Grossed out from the dead mouse, but happy with the d-Con Mouse Prufe II after that for getting rid of my fury friend. Thinking it’s better finding them dead than the disease infested rodents running through my house crawling on everything. I figured with any other home mouse traps you have to catch and release them. I was feeling okay with the d-Con Mouse Prufe II.I had gone a month without seeing a mouse, without finding mice droppings in my home. I even heard one under my sink going to town on the poison. I was laughing like ha ha...your time is limited and the little mouse is like NO ha ha I'll show you in about two weeks!!

This is where I get very dissatisfied with d-Con Mouse Prufe II I’m in a newly remolded home, new everything, I’m a clean freak, smell is important to me. Plus, having a new home with that new home smell is just awesome.  

Last two weekends ago, my husband made something with tons of onions in it and my mom ate some salsa that had onions in it in her room one night.  My house is what I thought was over run by the smell of onions. I’m giving them grief because, I’m thinking its bothering me more because I’m pregnant and senses are hundred times more sensitive. My husband leaves on the road the next day the smell is still lingering. I'm like what the heck, I thought it was him that stunk bad (thinking he was just sweating onions from his pores and it was him I was still smelling the following morning and it not the house) Poor guy!

My moms room kept smelling worse even with her fall candles lit and burning, perfume sprays, and the new house smell. It still smelt awful rotten in her room days after. Days go by now and the smell is strong its takes over the whole back of the house and is un bareable to be back in! It's cold so we are basically letting heat out and cold air in.  

The smell is coming from the vents! It dawn on me that the smell is death; something is in my house dead and rotting making it smell horrible! We vacuumed out the vents, nothing. We crawled under the house found nothing dead.

 I got sick of the smell and ended up calling pest control. I literally got sick; the bacteria from the dead decomposing mouse flowing through the air when the heater kicked on made me sick. I’m due at anytime and I’m dealing with the rotten smell of mouse, sick from the bacteria of the rotting corpse. The whole family couldn’t use the back part of the house because of the odor was so strong!

The pest control guy came by and spray that has a sanitizer and scent deodorizer goes off every ten minutes. $68.00 later my house smells good again. I’m setting up an appointment for professional pest control to come out and properly set up mice traps to fix are mouse problem.

 My night was ruin last night when I found a green mouse dropping (the d-Con poison is a green bait) in my closet in the only room left in the house that has the new house smell. I assume now I need to go through my closet to look for a dead mouse before the other side of the house starts smelling like death! And go over a third time to sanitize the baby’s bassinet again and rewash everything.  
Yeah I’m not happy with d-Con Mouse Prufe II at all! I’m amused going to the d-Con web page reading how easy it is to set out the traps and you don’t deal or have to see the dead mice! Well I had to clean up a dead mouse and smell the mice rotting in my home.  The pest control guy said the odor was so strong he felt bad that if his spray didn’t work to fix are problem to let him know he would give us a discount.

I would rather spend extra to have professionals come into my home and take care of the problem. Or would rather put out traps and catch the mice and throw them out. I don’t think having poison in your home for the mouse to die in a great idea and I don’t feel safe having rat poisoning in my home with young children or pets.
I think I’m going to get my refund from GOOD HOUSEKEEPING maybe they will give me a refund for my pest control bill to!!!


-Limited Warranty to Consumers GOOD HOUSEKEEPING promises replacement or refund if defective.


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