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Jan 4, 2005
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Pros:Can bring a couple together, and makes for humorous moments.

Cons:If you are in it for pure pleasure, you'll be laughing a lot too.

The Bottom Line: While a lot of people look down upon books that talk about sex, my wife and I embrace them, as they have brought us together in amazing ways.

Note: I am tired of leaving Notes about sex books, but if you are easily offended by talk of a sexual nature, please feel free to leave this review immediately. Talk of sex will not go beyond what is necessary to illustrate my opinion on this book.

What else could you possibly want besides a book that glorifies have sex with your partner every single day for an entire year? Well, personally, I can't think of any book that I would rather invite into my home than this one.

This book essentially put together 365 completely different positions that you and your partner can use throughout the year. The idea is that if you try a different position every day, you and your partner will be that much closer to one another having experienced so many different positions together and you'll truly have an understanding for what they like sexually.

The Positions
The first thing that I thought about when I read the title and the concept of the book was that it was impossible to have that many positions. Then I thought, well, maybe it's possible, but most of them are going to require me to do the splits, hang from the ceiling, or put my legs behind my head and I wasn't willing to go quite that far just to try something completely different.

After looking through the book, I quickly found that the positions were not only easy to do for the most part, but they were extremely interesting to look at it. So, my wife and I decided to give it a running start.

We picked up right on day 1, I laid on my side, she flipped her legs over me and got into a sitting position. At first, I didn't think this could possibly work, but it was one of the most exciting positions that we had ever tried. That night, I immediately wanted to stay up past midnight, so that we could go on to day 2 and try something completely different. Of course, my wife decided that if we were going to be doing this every day for the next 364 days, she would need to get some sleep that night.

Every night the pages turned, we tried something completely different that we had definitely never thought of before and they were more and more exciting, with each position we tried.

Before too long, we realized that the entire book had been finished and we felt like the two most experienced sexticians on the face of the Earth. We knew that we just went through one of the most amazing test runs, that a couple can experience in their sexual lives. We just conquered every position that we felt could ever be conceived. Then we decided to start it all over again.

Position Names
Probably the greatest beyond the actual act of having sex with the positions, is reading some of the names of the positions. I'm not sure where the author came up with them, but they are far from being considered technical terms. Here are some of the names that are just hilarious in the book:

- Seeing stars
- Snake in the grass
- Cream with your coffee?
- Bounty Hunter
- Back Seat Special
- Popsicle

All of the names I found to be quite interesting, and felt that they really added to the moment. We even made sure to write down the different things that we did on our calendar so that we could apparently completely screw with our children someday, when we leave our calendar and our sex books out in the open and they put the two together. :)

The book features full drawings of the different positions to make it easier to imagine, plus they have very good descriptions on how to get into those positions. I recommend reading the directions prior to trying to get into the positions, because sometimes it's going to be hard to see the book from some of them. There's also a little thermometer that tells you just what you're getting yourself into and just how difficult it's going to be to fully accomplish it. My wife and I are in pretty good shape, but I'd say that pretty much all of the positions are relatively simple to get into, you may just have to be creative as to how you manuever yourself at times.

This is one of the more fun ways to have sex with your partner. Rather than just having standard sex, this is good for a few laughs. I wouldn't recommend this if you are looking for a night of pure passion, but if you want to try something totally different this is the way to go. With a little practice these positions could be brought into your regular routine and can be quite exciting, however, the first time you try them, you are going to be laughing so much, that you aren't really going to care as much about the sex as you are about the moment you are spending with your lover.

I think that the book really helped us to feel more comfortable around each other. With some of the positions that you have to try to get into, you really get to see some interesting views of your partner, that you probably have never had the opportunity to see before. You will find yourself laughing as you try to accomplish some of these as much as you'll find pure pleasure in quite a few of them. No matter what, it's more about the experience, than it is about the actual act and if nothing else, it's quality time spent together.

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