DK's Debut Does Not Showstop As It Should.

May 20, 2009
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Pros:The bold tracks :)

Cons:Unfinished songs, no connection between the girls, the songs just plain suck

The Bottom Line: Let me just say this. You're better off just owning the sophomore album.

While I reviewed Danity Kane's sophomore album and gave it a "great" rating of 3.5/5, their debut is strongly disappointing, especially listening to it after reviewing Welcome To The Dollhouse. Tracks seem unfinished, almost demo-like, and though all five of these ladies have somewhat strong vocals, none really seem to mesh or compliment each other like on their sophomore album. Each girl sounds as if they're fighting to have a spot or a verse in a song and as a result, each and every one of these girls sound way too awkward, trying too hard to impress but simply letting us down. Even my favorite out of the five ladies, Aubrey O' Day, a vocally stronger version of Britney Spears, sounds vocally confused half of the time and it makes me sort of glad the group has separated so early in the game, even if Welcome To The Dollhouse was a great mixture of pop and some hip-hop. It was inevitable, since every girl sounds like they fit in a different genre of music: Aubrey sounds like she should be doing Britney-like pop (with stronger vocals), Shannon sounds like a country singer, D.Woods fits the Diddy music well, Dawn should be doing R&B/soul and Aundrea does ballads extremely well ("Ride For You" shows the proof). Oh, and if you didn't know, the girls are Dawn, Aubrey, Aundrea, Shannon, and Wanita aka D.Woods.

Going back to the demo-like sounding tracks, there's loads of 'em just hanging out everywhere! "Touching My Body" sounded sassy and catchy when sung on the television show, Making The Band, but the recording of it sounds like an unfinished demo, maybe even an outtake from Ms. Aguilera's Stripped. It's extremely messy, without too many vocal ad-libs, overdubbing, and ranting all over the place. Even the hit "Showstopper" sounds cheap, with finger snaps that are hardly even there and verses that make the girls sound out of place and very distorted. "One Shot" makes Wanita sound like a novice with the weak production and the hidden track, "Sleep On It," has way too many over sounding phrases and it's another song that sounds unfinished, especially the vocals. "Press Pause" sounds like an 80s-inspired tune that sounds like it belongs in a damn video game (the synth and beat is absolutely horrific!) and it's obvious the girls has overstayed their welcome, with 15 tunes, including interludes!
Luckily, not all is bad on the other side. "Ride For You" is a decent R&B ballad that showcases Wanita as a vocalist and "Heartbreaker" is a slick R&B produced cut that could have easily fit on any of Jojo's albums, even if it doesn't really fit on this one. "Ooh Ahh" is a short R&B/urban tune with slick production, reminding me of a Ying Yang Twins track. It's easily the best track the album could ever produced and the Timbaland productions, "Want It" and "Right Now," are pretty good mid-tempo tunes, with "Right Now" having Dawn whispering and gasping for breath as if having an orgasm, vaguely reminding me of Janet Jackson, which I can't figure is a bad thing or a good thing.

With the seperation, nobody getting media attention except for Aubrey, and the fact that the second album was better than the first, it's hard to see Danity Kane's demise and potential. I mean, what potential do you have in Bad Boy Records? Diddy controls everything horribly. At the same time, Danity Kane's demise is heartbreaking, since both of their albums debuted in the #1 slot on the charts and have gone platinum. It's truly sad and they could have easily been a better version of Destiny's Child (...). I was originally going to give the debut a bad rating but there's something about these girls I'm quite fond of; An average rating should fit well.

Bold Tracks Are Best Tracks.

1. One Shot
2. Heartbreaker
3. Want It
4. Right Now
5. Showstopper
6. Hold Me Down
7. Come Over (interlude)
8. Ooh Ahh
9. Press Pause
10. Ain't True (interlude)
11. Ride For You
12. Touching My Body
13. Back Up
14. Stay With Me
*15. Sleep On It

RATING: 2.5/5

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