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Dap Caulk-Be-Gone Caulk Remover

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Caulk-Be-Gone...Makes The Messy Job Of Caulk Repairs Less Aggravating

Feb 4, 2009
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Pros:Easy to apply, slightly fragranced, inexpensive, simple clean up.

Cons:May damage some surfaces.  Does not remove a variety of caulk types.

The Bottom Line: I would highly recommend Dap Caulk-Be-Gone for quick and easy removal of old caulk.  It is pleasantly scented, inexpensive, easy to apply and easy clean-up.

I recently went three rounds with my shower caulk.  I was intent on caulking with DAP adhesive caulk which proved to be an inferior product.  Each new application of caulk requires the thorough removal of prior applications to provide the new caulk job a clean smooth surface for application.  In order to facilitate the caulking job, I employed the use of Dap Caulk-Be-Goneto assist in removing the old caulk.  It proved to be a product superior to the Dap adhesive.

I purchased my Dap Caulk-Be-Gone at Home Depot for around four dollars.  The product indicated that it was not recommended for use on plastic or fiberglass.  It did not indicate that cultured marble was an issue, which is what I intended it to be used on.  Following the recommendation, I tried some in an inconspicuous area of the shower to see if it would damage the finish.  I was concerned about damaging the cultured marble because many of the cleaning agents for showers indicate that they should not be used on marble or cultured marble.  My test area held up well.

I applied the Dap Caulk-Be-Gone over the top of the existing caulk.  It comes out of the plastic squeeze tube in a thick greenish foam that adheres to the caulk.  The product recommends allowing one to two hours to elapse for the latex caulk to soften to the point where it becomes tacky.  After waiting two hours I tested the caulk and found it to be sticky enough to remove.  With the assistance of a Hyde brand removal tool (a cheap plastic tool shaped to slightly penetrate a seam while scraping the side surfaces), I stripped away the old caulk.  The greenish foam clumps together, binding slightly with the old caulk strip.  Clean up and removal of the residue was quick and easy. 

Dap Caulk-Be-Gonecontains a slight fragrance which I could do without.  However it is not unpleasant.  Working in a closed area like a shower stall, an offensively fragranced  product might overtake you.  This product does not overdo it.  The greenish colored foam is easy to identify in a light colored shower.  This assists in ensuring that you thoroughly clean this product off.  It would be counter-productive to apply a fresh bead of caulk over a product designed to remove it!

Dap Caulk-Be-Gone made the job of removing my old caulk much less painful.  The product indicates you should remove any residue with a razor blade, soap and water.  Using the Hyde Removal tool, the only other product needed was soap and water.  The area must be dried thoroughly before applying the new caulk.  Dap Caulk-Be-Gone does not work on rubber, silicone, oil-based, polyurethane or synthetic caulk.  If you are using good old latex to seal your joints, this product will work fine.  One tube should provide coverage for thirty linear feet.  The shelf life is established at one year.  Although DAP does not assume liability for surfaces damaged by this product, they will warranty the product itself if it does not perform as indicated.

I was far more impressed with Dap Caulk-Be-Gonethan I was with the DAP Tub and Tile Adhesive that it was used to remove.  The product works well, is easy to apply and remove, cleans up quickly with soap and hot water and can be removed with household trash.  The price tag of four dollars makes it a reasonably priced method for removing old caulk.  I would give Dap Caulk-Be-Gone four stars out of a possible five.

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