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Daxter (PlayStation Portable, 2006)

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Jan 16, 2011
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Pros:Brilliant colourful worldVaried and exciting levelsWell designed and fun

Cons:There are not enough games made like this!Hard to get 100% completion.

The Bottom Line: If your looking for a game that combines many genres and is fun, amusing and beautiful to look at, then buy Daxter.You'll want to replay again and again.

After playing the Playstation series and thoroughly enjoying every second I thought I'd give Daxter a spin on the PSP platform.  Although I expected the game to be no-where near its Playstation counterparts, I was wrong.From start to end this game is enjoyable, amusing and well designed.  The world in which Daxter exists is beautiful, as colourful as you could get without being overpowering. The plot for the game is quite straightforward and follows Daxter through the various levels exterminating both bugs and bad guys as he does so. There are also puzzle elements to the game which add to the fun. In fact this game has elements from many genres; action/adverture, exploration, puzzler and platformer all squished into one game! There is also a free world you can roam between levels (although the games path is fairly set so you can't do missions in any order).One of my favourite parts of the game is a small add-on which is fun to do and also quite challenging in the later stages. When you have collected enough eggs you can do a 'Daxter dream' challenge in which Daxter falls asleep goes into some dream world. In this world you have to press button combinations in the sequences given in order to survive and ultimately earn a reward, sounds dull but its actually quite addictive (think Guitar Hero).Having played both Daxter and the later release Jak & Daxter : The Lost Frontier also for PSP, I would say that Daxter definitely is the more enjoyable and better implemented game. So if you can't make your mind up...chose Daxter, you won't regret it.

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The irascible Daxter's first foray on PSP finds the ottsel searching for pal Jak in a series of futuristic platform-style environments. In order to fi...
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