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Jan 21, 2012 (Updated Jan 25, 2012)
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Pros:Makes Great Foam and Espresso

Cons:Light Weight.

The Bottom Line: Fits on kitchen counter and hey I don't have to drive out to get my late. Saves money.

I love coffee and I can’t afford buying coffee every day at a café…it adds up quite fast. So for my birthday I got the Delonghi pump Espresso Maker EC702. Mine was purchased at Amazon for about $180 including the shipping.
I made about three to four cups of lattes and cappuccino for the first couple weeks.  I keep it down to about two now. I have been saving so much money. I also can make my drink exactly the way I like it. I purchase freshly roasted and  ground coffee at a local coffee and tea shop downtown Corvallis called “Oregon Coffee & Tea”  They have great selection of coffee. I have purchased some coffee one hour after roasted and had it ground it made a perfect cup of Late.

Design: It is a nice, boxy, compact shape that is simple and fits great on the kitchen counter. One problem with it is that it is considerably light. When making espresso and placing the filter underneath you have to hold it downa little so that you do not pull the machine up with you.
The tray that underneath saves a lot of mess.  It also comes with a cup warmer which warms up but not enough to really warm the cups.

Dimension: 11.25x8.19x12.5 (WxDxH in inches)
Weight: 11.10 (lbs)

Input Power: 1100 (w)
Pump Pressure: 15 Bars

Durability: As I have mentioned it is considerably light but with the stainless steel boiler it is durable in a long lasting way.

Espresso: It comes with a one shot and a double shot espresso coffee grind filter holders. I personally love the filter for the double shot one. It makes espresso with a little coffee foam on the top layer.

Foam: I am still a learner at foam making but it still makes great foam. I make mocha for my sister frequently and she absolutely just loves the foam. 

Especially for Lattes and Cappuccino lovers: As I read at the official website of DeLonghi. This machine is especially designed for Latte’s and Cappuccino. It has a patend “Cappuccino system” frothier.

Price: For what it does and with the stainless steel boiler I think it’s a great deal. Especially if you buy late and cappuccino all the time this would be a great way to save money too.

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