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DeLonghi TRN0812T Heater

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Suitable For Bathrooms or Very Small Spaces

Nov 16, 2009
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Energy efficient

Cons:Only able to warm very small spaces

The Bottom Line: Suitable for bathrooms or very small rooms only.

Unlike many other space heaters on the market, the DeLonghi Electric Oil Filled Radiator (model TRN0812T) is safe to use in bathrooms. This is fitting, as a bathroom - or at least a small bathroom (5' x 7') - is what this heater seems to have been designed to actually warm. Even in just a 5' x 7' space, however, it takes a while (30 minutes) for the air to even begin to feel warmed. In larger rooms (a 10' x 13' bedroom for example), this heater never managed to do more than warm a roughly 4' radius around itself, leaving the rest of the room chilly or tepid at best.

Two things led me to purchase this heater. One was its presumed energy efficiency. I had another DeLonghi heater (Flat Panel Micathermic Radiator model HHP1500S&B) which I liked for its looks, silent operation and the instantaneous heat it produced that quickly filled even larger rooms. However, despite an "Energy Saving" claim on its box, it was an immense energy hog. The TRN0812T also had an "Energy Saving" claim on its box, and despite this being inaccurate for the other DeLonghi model I decided to take a chance. In this case the claim appeared to be accurate. Even running at maximum power, its operation caused no discernable speed increase to the dial of our electric meter.

The second thing that led me to purchase this heater was its appearance. I had always disliked oil filled radiator heaters, and had never bought one before, largely due to their ugliness. Every oil filled radiator I had seen before this one appeared to be strictly utilitarian, with absolutely no thought given during its production to how the finished product would look. This is the first oil filled radiator I’d seen where it appeared that the manufacturer actually considered aesthetics. It is pleasingly rounded, squat and compact (roughly 15" x 16"), and is appealingly off-white in color. It also lacks the cheap casters that are otherwise seemingly ubiquitous on oil filled radiators, sitting instead on two wide feet that make this heater extremely difficult, if not impossible, to tip over.

This heater also has multiple heat settings, a timer and, during operation, an odor. When I first brought the heater home, I ran it on a covered outdoor patio for several hours to burn off any initial smells it might generate. Despite this, during subsequent operation it still gave off a distinct odor that might be considered objectionable.

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