DeWalt DW758 8" Bench Grinder Reviews

DeWalt DW758 8" Bench Grinder

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DeWalt 8 inch grinder comes up against my relic

Aug 28, 2002
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Pros:cast base, nice tool rests, motor seems hearty

Cons:I'd prefer more cast, bench top set up

The Bottom Line: It's really a great machine but I found the bench top version limiting.

For clarification, a beginning note on the name of this item as listed on Epinions:

DeWalt DW758 8" Heavy Duty Bench Grinder. It seems the mark is missing after the "8" in our title which may be a bit confusing.

Bench Grinder...what's it do?
In all fairness I want to begin by stating I have an independently, free-standing grinder which I inherited from my wife's grandfather years ago. I'm not even sure of the model number - that's how old it is. It's certainly a relic in the nice sense of the term. And, well, I love it.

That said, I wanted to try a bench top model and an updated model, curious to see if a newer model was somehow better than my ancient piece of equipment. The DeWalt caught my eye for two main reasons - it was relatively inexpensive for the size, and it was very accessable. By this I mean, I ran into the store and wandered into it (almost literally) in a way many men are prone to do when transfixed by the tool department in a store.

But I still haven't gotten to "what's it do"? A bench grinder is good for:

- sharpening
- rust removal
- removing burs from metal
- some shaping work
- cleaning certain objects

The title explains the set up in that this one is for a bench. Grinders are available in various forms - some even as more of a hand tool, others stand alone. Bench top versions are probably the most popular in today's tool market. There's a fairly good probability that if you are old enough to remember when Craftsman was the name in tools you'll remember a father or grandfather who owned a Craftsman stand alone grinder much like the one I now possess. Those versions are built like tanks - cast iron everywhere.

Today's versions are more about portability and the ability to fit one into a small space (if necessary). In reality the concept of the tool and its functions have not changed much over time.


MOTOR: completely enclosed motor (it's all within the central yellow area you notice in the photo) is 3/4 hp/4.2 amp

The grinders are positioned on each side of the motor and come with attached plastic shields to deflect sparks and essentially serve as your first line of eye protection. Remember to wear eye protection always, but especially when using a tool like this that tends to send small bits of metal and other debris shooting out quickly and sometimes without warning.

The base is a nice solid cast iron - I would have preferred a bit more cast iron and a little less plastic in this tool but perhaps I just live in the dark ages. The cast base keeps it in place with minimal vibration but a bit more weight would have made this tool flawless in the stability department. This can be bolted down to the bench which I'd highly recommend - a process which is relatively easy.

Tool rests at each grinding wheel were very handy, especially the fact that with the use of an allen wrench I could tilt them more on an angle rather which I often prefer over setting them up flat against the grinder.

with the tool was a grinding wheel, wire brush, eye shields, tool rests, spark deflectors. I would immediately add a set of buffing wheels. A one year warranty comes with the tool, but you can also try this one out for 30 days and return it for a full refund - a program also utilized by Porter Cable.

This is a fine bench top grinder with the features you'll want in a grinder. Throw in the cotton buffing wheel and you'll have a set of wheels commonly utilized with a grinder. The motor was powerful and never sounded like it was working terribly hard - and more importantly the power was uniform regardless of whether I was attempting to remove some rust or do some simple sharpening.

This one is a good fit for hobbyists, especially those with limited floor space. Because of the way many like to utilize a grinder - I'm thinking in terms of body position and stance - a bench top grinder may be a bit awkward feeling unless you have a good position to place it in. Definitely try various locales before bolting it into place and be sure you're arms and feet feel comfortable.

If you sit when utilizing it, make sure you have ample clearance for your knees and enough room to stretch out your feet as desired. Also make sure you can move your arms about well at various angles as this may be necessary when sharpening.

It's for this very reason that I returned this grinder. Not a bad model, not a bad grinder, but in the end it helped me decide that I definitely prefer a stand alone model over bench top. That, in the end, was the deciding factor.

CLEANING - literature with this grinder suggests you take the grinder in for upkeep and cleaning according to use. If you use it regularly the suggestion is every six months. That's a lot of trips and potentially a lot of money. Therefore I used "average" in the canned responses below.

Is it necessary? It really is and if you are utilizing a grinder as part of a business it's essential. Could you learn to clean it on your own? My best bet is "yes" as well though I would first check to see if this would impact your warranty.

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