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Del Monte Corporation Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky

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Apparently Milo's Kitchen is in China UPDATE

Mar 10, 2012 (Updated May 23, 2013)
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Pros:High in protein, no fillers

Cons:Made in China, sugar, glycerin, salt

The Bottom Line: No BHA, but a few ingredients knock this treat down to 3.75 stars out of 5

Among the long list of dog treats and treat manufacturers, Milo’s Kitchen has come along and slid right into mediocrity. Meaning that Milo’s Kitchen has filled a void between the low quality garbage treats and the high-quality and expensive gourmet treats.

The makers of Milo’s Kitchen tout themselves as using NO artificial colors or flavors and no fillers like those nasty by-products.  That’s great, but they use salt, sugar and glycerin. I feel if they want to be known as “home-style dog treats, they should make them more home-style and ALL natural.

As expected, our three German Shepherds go crazy for these treats. We have this ritual where I ask them if they “wanna puppy sammich?” and I sit back and watch them erupt into a frenzy. Their tails wags so hard that they’ve been known to send various objects to the tile floor. This “puppy sammich” consists of a piece of chicken jerky in between two dog biscuits.
Once I open the cream-colored resealable 20oz. bag, they start on the happy road of “stare at momma or poppa with sad eyes to get what we want. We always cave into their drool-filled stares and they know just how to play us. Lately our dog “Tonka” has been really turning up the “cute factor.” He’ll sit on the opposite side of our coffee table and nest his head on the table and just stare at us with those big brown eyes. This seems to happen more often when we have chicken jerky in the house. Who could resist that face? Let’s face it, dogs don’t even have to talk or even whine – they know how to manipulate our hearts and minds.

The bag suggests I feed my 75-pound German Shepherd 7-9 pieces and more for to our 120 pound Shepherd. I think that’s a bit much considering the bag would be gone after about four or five days with three large dogs. We feed them two each at snack time. Broken in half, they can also be used as training treats. The cream-colored bag depicts “Milo” (the Golden Retriever) with his golden blond-haired human companion in five pictures and one of the images depicts a Golden Retriever and his blond female human wearing similar hats - priceless.

chicken breast, glycerin, sugar, salt, natural flavors, mixed tocopherols (a preservative and natural source of vitamin E).

Glycerin is a low-end ingredient that sweetens food, used to keep the product moist yet interferes with nutrient assimilation. So why add sugar and salt? My guess is to mask the chicken odor. Sugar and glycerin may cause or add to hyper-activity and may even lead to Canine Diabetes. Like with humans, too much salt will cause hypertension (high blood pressure) in dogs.

Crude protein: 65.0% min
Crude fat: 1.0% min to 5.0% max
Crude fiber: 1.0% max
Moisture: 15.0% max

I’m conflicted with this product. On the one hand, there are only six ingredients in the recipe and it’s high in protein. On the other hand, three of the six ingredients aren’t so good for dogs. Another “iffy” thing is that the chicken is processed in China – like so many other brand’s chicken strips. There are no stringent regulations in place for this reason. My question is – why can’t American companies process chicken in the United States?  That might help this country’s high unemployment numbers.

Since this product uses TWO sweeteners, I would NOT recommend this treat to overweight dogs, hyper dogs or dogs with hypertension. Add to that the fact that the meat is processed in China and I can only rate these Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky treats 2.25 stars out of 5. If this recipe consisted of chicken breast meat, natural flavors, mixed tocopherols and was made in the good ol’ USA, it would be a 5-star treat for sure. Unlike other Milo's Kitchen products, this product has NO BHA.

Because there's no BHA in this particular product, I used to recommend it EXCEPT for overweight dogs. Then the China scare happened and now I do NOT recommend this product.

Please read pet food and treat labels before you offer anything to your animals. Ingredients really do make a big difference with regard to your pet’s lifespan.

Milo’s Kitchen… “Created by people who love dogs.” Really? Then they need to update their recipes.

Distributed by Milo’s Kitchen, LLC - San Francisco, CA

They can be reached at (877) 228-6493 or

UPDATE: I sent this company an email - expecting it to fall upon deaf ears and they actually rsponded to me. Keep in mind, this particular product does NOT include BHA, but many of their other products do. After questioning their use of salt, sugar, glycerin and BHA, this is what they sent me...

March 12, 2012

Dear Kenny,

Thanks for visiting our Milo's Kitchen website and for your email and comments. At Milo's Kitchen, we're pet parents too, and we understand how important your dog is to you.

All of the ingredients in Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in dog food. The meat ingredient, whether chicken or beef, is by far the largest single ingredient. Each of the other ingredients you mentioned has a specific purpose for being added. For example, sugar is added for a couple of reasons; along with enhancing the flavor, it also acts as a natural preservative and inhibits bacterial growth after the food has been heated. Propylene glycol and glycerin help to keep the texture of the treats moist, so your dog can chew them, and protects against mold. BHA is an anti-oxidant that helps to keep the product fresh and protects against staleness

Thanks again for contacting us. We will definitely share your comments with our Management. The health and well-being of pets is a vital concern to us and we appreciate the chance to respond.

Del Monte Foods Consumer Affairs

to which I responded...

BHA is FAR from the innocuous ingredient you think it is.  It's a proven carcinogen. Perhaps you should look it up on the internet as I did when doing my ingredient research for all dog food and treats.

Please don't pretend that the FDA actually cares as much about animals as humans. They'll allow much more "wiggle room" when it comes to animal nutrition. If you know BHA is harmful yet hide behind the blanket of the FDA, you're hypocrites when saying "made by people who love dogs." The FDA continues to allow the use of ethoxyquin - which is known to be the most toxic carcinogen known to animals.

This is exactly what I pulled from a pet food ingredient website and other sources including several veterinarians...
"BHA (a preservative) (1 star) found in 3% of pet food products analyzed
Chemical. Highly carcinogenic preservative.

It's found in THREE percent...meaning not many companies continue to use it. So what does that tell you?  I have reviewed three of your products and ONE of those doesn't include BHA. So it's NOT the necessary item you think it is. There are far more options when it comes to preserving dog food and treats. You might think about deleting the use of BHA in your products. Many of your competitors have already done so.

Enjoy your pets and treat them like your children – not a burden. Cherish them and show them affection each and every day. You never know when their time on Earth is up.

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