Del Monte Foods #7910092317 15OZ Orig MilkBoneTreat Reviews

Del Monte Foods #7910092317 15OZ Orig MilkBoneTreat

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Sadie loves to have a treat, Milk-bone Crunchy makes me happy giving her one!

Jul 30, 2012
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Pros:This treat is small enough for Sadie, and is good for training.

Cons:can't think of any

The Bottom Line: My little Dog needs something small enough to handle, and she likes it, It works well for her with training.  

When I first got my Sadie, being so small, 1lb, 12oz, and 9weeks old,  it was hard to find a dog treat that was small enough for her.  

Actually, I started with little pieces of hot dogs, because she liked it and they were tiny enough for her to chew and enjoy.

With those hot dog pieces,  I gave her as a reward every time she did her pee pees on the pee pee pad!  and when she did her poopies on the pee pee pad!  She was a fast learner, I was so surprised, and pleased! 

I bought a few different dog treats, and would bring them home, and she wouldn't even take a second look at them.  

So recently now that she is one year and 3months old, she is interested in anything, that I have to offer.  She has come a long way!  

However, still, just because she gets excited about a treat, doesn't mean that she likes it.  Still even now, she will take a treat, and if she doesn't like it she will throw it around and play with it, but not eat it.

While looking around the store, for something small, and tasty that she would possibly like, I found Milk-bone Brand Crunchy with real Bone Marrow.    I found this box at my neighborhood grocery store, for $4.98, I am sure it would be less expensive at Walmart or another department store.  Also, with a coupon and a sale, would make it even a better buy.

I brought it home, still skeptical as to whether she would like it or not.   She got all excited, when I took out the box.  She got all excited when I opened the box.  I got her a Milk-bone crunchy and she stood up, wagging her tail, I gave it to her.

(The Treat it's self looks like a piece of bone, not bone shaped, like the bow design, just straight but looks like hot dog with a bun wrapped around it.  It is One inch long and 1/2 inch wide.  The perfect size for Sadie, even at that, she breaks it up and eats it in three or four pieces.)  

She took it, and laid down with it, She put it in her mouth and then put it in front of her, and sniffed it.  Then she picked it back up and bit a piece off it, and went back and ate the rest.  She liked it!!!   I was so excited to find something she liked.  

She came back over to me, and I gave her another one, then she asked for a third, I said, "that is enough for now.."  I think she would have sat and ate the whole box, if I let her.   (Big Treat Smiles)

I feel good about Milk-Bone products, they have been trusted since 1908.  

Now keep in mind, I am new to dogs, and don't know the difference between something good for my dog, other than what the TV says to me.  So for all I know, these could be bad for my Sadie, and I think they are good, because the TV says so.  

So, I ask all you Dog experts out there, please let me know if I am at all on target here with this dog treat.  I want what is best for my Sadie.  

She is part Maltese, and  part Yorkshire Terrier, so they call her a "Morkie".   The place I got her said she is a 'designer' dog.  I always thought that a mixed breed was a "Mutt"!   But again, maybe things are different now.  

Regardless of what her breeding is, all 5lbs 6oz,  Sadie is the love of my life, she is fun, sweet and tries really hard to please me, and be a good girl.  

I couldn't have found a dog who was more suited for me, than my Sadie Girl!  

With that being said, I want her to have what will be good for her and healthy.  

I am going to list what the box says about Milk-Bone Brand Crunchy Original Dog Treats with real bone marrow.  

*On the front of the box:

Trusted Since 1908 
Milk-Bone Brand

Great for Training! with Real Bone Marrow 
Original Dog Treats 

*On the side of the box it has a Milk-Bone Snacking Recommendation: 
Feed as a Snack or a Treat!
Calorie and Fat Content per Treat: 
Calorie Per Treat                   10
Fat Per Treat                          0.5g

Calorie Content
3330kcal/kg (calculated)

Calorie requirements vary based on size and activity level.  Check with your veterinarian if you have questions about your dog's caloric requirements.

See our Milk-Bone website at for more calorie information.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (minimum)                                                       12.0%
Crude Fat (minimum)                                                               7.0%
Crude Fiber (Maximum)                                                           2.0%
Moisture (Maximum)                                                              12.0% 


Wheat Flour, Meat and Bone Meal, Sugar, Dried Poultry By-Products Digest (Preserved with BHA, Propyl Gallate, and Citric Acid), Cooked Bone Marrow (Preserved with BHA, BHT, and Citric Acid), Beef  Fat (Preserved with Tocopherols), salt, corn starch, annatto color, REd iron oxide, Red 40, Sodium metabisulfite (Used as a Preservative).                    AD01.1677

Distributed By: Del Monte Pet Products 
a Division of Del Monte Foods, San Francisco, CA 94105

2008 Del Monte Foods, All Rights Reserved.  

Consumer Inquiries: Call 1-888-MILKBONE
(645-5266), Weekdays 

Please Include the Product Manufacturing  Code
In Consumer Correspondence.

*On the Back of the Box:

The Joy of Snack Time, Every Day!

Give your dog the simple, genuine joy your dog gives you everyday--hand your dog a Milk-Bone snack.  Providing this wholesome snack lets you savor that moment of genuine joy together, your Milk-Bone Moment"

Milk-Bone Brand Crunchy
dog snacks Wholesome Goodness for your best friend!

Not Just a Treat But a Wholesome Snack. 

High Quality Ingredients 
Deliciously Crunchy 
Made with Real Bone Marrow

The Milk-Bone Story

Back in the early 1900's, there was a little bakery on the lower East Side of New York City.  Although it was known as a biscuit company by trade, the bakers there began to develop a snack that catered to the tastes of all dogs, both large and small.  From The start, the recipe for their bone-shaped treat was made with only the most nutritious ingredients for a dog:  meat products, minerals, and milk. 
Eventually, as derived from the recipe, the name Milk-Bone naturally came into being and has remained since. n Now, after 100 years, the Milk-Bone Brand continues to bring the joy of snack time to dogs everywhere.

I am careful, not to give her 'too many' treats!  Usually 2 treats is my max, maybe three times a day, sometimes only twice a day!   If I am working with her, to teach her something, I break the treat into little pieces and give her, what she thinks is more, even though she is still getting the same two treats.  

I will once in a great while let her have my empty plate to lick, if it was something OK for her to have.  She enjoys that, but I won't do that on an everyday basis, because I don't want her to hold out for that, and not eat her puppy chow.  

I give her hard puppy chow, because the Vet said it would be better for her teeth.  When she needed medicine, that had to be sprinkled over her food, the only way I could get her to eat it all, to get the medicine was to give her wet food.   So that is the only time I have given her wet food.  Even though I know that she prefers wet food.  

Now that she is over one year old, I am not exactly sure how long or many years, she is considered still a puppy, needing the puppy chow.  

If anyone has information on that, I am more than happy to hear it.  

I hope I have given enough information on Milk-Bone Crunchy Original Dog Treats with Real Bone Marrow~

If you have any more questions, or comments, I welcome those, as always! 

If you see someone without a smile, please give them one of yours, it only takes a nano-second, to make someone's day!

Thank you for reading, rating and commenting, if you so desire, I always welcome them

Have A Happy Day!

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