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Deni 9301 Deep Fryer

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What a small fry- Deni 1.25 qt. Deep Fryer....

Oct 8, 2009
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Pros:nice look, basket comes out, has lid

Cons:magnetic plug can get on your nerves, lid has hot condensation on it

The Bottom Line: Nice little fryer at a nice price.

Several years ago I had a deep fryer, but to be honest it was so nasty when we moved 5 years ago I dumped it. Really had not thought about buying another, until a couple of months ago my husband kept making a makeshift one out of tinfoil and a pot full of oil, and making a mess in the process. So with my Brylane Home catalog, I found a 20% off card and I decided to get the Deni 1.25 quart deep fryer that I paid $27.99 for.

This comes with a removable basket, which I like because if any crumbs get welded onto it while frying I can just stick it in the dishwasher, and also it's just easier to move food around with it. When frying, be sure to keep kids a safe distance away, and I like to cover my work area with paper towels to make it easier to clean up any sort of spill or if I accidentally drip oil everywhere. There is a little red light on the front of the machine that lets you know when your fryer is ready to use. This goes up to 325 degrees as far as heating goes. The cord can be a little pesky because it's rather short and it's one of those magnetic cords that goes into the back of the machine, but I realize it is for safety so it's not a big deal, just be sure you have an outlet handy.

I really didn't have room for a full sized deep fryer in the cabinet, and I figured this wouldn't get used daily, so I thought this small fryer would do the job when we needed one for stuff like mozzarella sticks, stuffed jalapeno peppers, that sort of stuff, mainly snacks. If you needed to make a whole lot of something with this, you may want a larger one because it would take ages to fry it up in this little dude. When you first get your fryer you need to wash it out a little, but do not immerse it at anytime. Then, fill it to the fill line inside the fryer, it's really easy to see. Be sure to keep that amount in the fryer at all times. Also, after using your oil a few times be sure to change it.

Anyway, I really like the stainless steel look of this fryer, and I am able to clean it off with a baby wipe and it doesn't have that greasy feel like the plastic one we used to own. The lid can completely come off, which is ok for the most part, but when you lower your basket in you have to be rather quick to get the lid on, and note some condensation does form on the lid while cooking, so you could splash hot water on your hand, which might be bad, so don't fling the lid off but just pick it up with the handles on the sides of it. The lid also has a little charcoal filter in is as well, and this really helps from getting that ‘fried food' smell from getting all over the house.

As for cooking, well this does right well if you want to do just a few items, like I mentioned earlier. It heats up within about 5 minutes and it stays hot a good while too. I find it really doesn't take all that long to fry up a few things either. Also, this is not all that big (about the size of a small sized crock pot) so it doesn't take all that much room up in the cabinet either. This was nicely priced as well and  I would recommend it overall.

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