Large Dental Kong

Oct 5, 2011
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Pros:Large Dental Kong is a great tool for hands-free dental care.

Cons:Difficult to find in some locations. Some dogs are not interested in rubber chew toys.

The Bottom Line: Don't be angry with your pet if they chew up door frames and table legs, offer them a good quality alternative such as a Dental Kong.

The large size Dental Kong is a great choice for the pet owner that is tired of picking up pieces of chewed up toys or tired of paying for toys their dog eats in one day. This curious looking toy will occupy those big chewers for quite a while and clean gums and teeth at the same time.

The large Dental Kong is not for small dogs, but rather for medium to large veracious chewers. Watch out if your dog likes to toss his bones or toys whilel chewing as this dental chew toy may hit breakables on furniture.  The rubber in all Kong products is soft enough to bounce back while it's being chewed, but sturdy enough to withstand some of the best dog toy destroyers. 

If your dog manages to chew pieces off, don't worry. Large Dental Kongs are non-toxic and will not swell in your pet's stomach like rawhide can sometimes do. 

There are several other Kong products that have the same features plus additional features such as holes where peanut butter or other treats can be hidden, or permanently attached ropes for a fun game of tug-of-war.

A Dental Kong will last much longer than other chew toys and is well worth the additional cost.  All Kong products are made in the United States.

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