Dentemp O.S. Maximum Hold Dental Repair 1ea. Reviews

Dentemp O.S. Maximum Hold Dental Repair 1ea.

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Dentemp One Step From Dental Disaster

Mar 18, 2009
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Pros:Nice info commercials.

Cons:Does not work as advertised.

The Bottom Line: Save your money and see a dentist.

Products like the Snuggie meet or exceed promises made in their infomercials, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Dentemp, the temporary dental repair kit you see advertised on late night cable stations.

A lot of folks may be putting off dental work due to the economy.  Dentemp One Step would appear on the surface to be a great remedy to postponing problem teeth, but it does not live up to its commercial hype.  The product says that it provides instant pain relief, it is clinically proven, repairs loose caps and lost fillings and "you can eat on it!"  Unfortunately, the preformance of this product was less than stellar.

I purchased mine through Walgreens at a cost of around five dollars.  It comes in a plastic wrapped package and the container is no bigger than a dime around and the size of a small bolt.  It comes with a little plastic wand for stirring and application.  The cap was easy to pop off and the goo inside looks and feels like white construction puddy.

Unlike tooth gels which have tingly pain medication, this plaster had a very unpleasant taste which does nothing to kill pain other than to plug a possible air hole or cavity in the tooth itself.  Trying to get it to stay in place is the problem.  The instructions tell you to wash your hands (a no-brainer) and keep the tooth moist.  You are supposed to roll the goo into a small ball and then press it onto the tooth.  Easier said than done since water makes the goo instantly flake apart.  You are told to bite down several times to create proper fit, but this only made the white goo gush out further between teeth.

After application you are supposed to rinse your mouth thoroughly, but that only added more moisture to the mix.  You do not want to swallow any small flakes of it either and it does flake.  The tiny package, the white color and the flakes all reminded me of that old secretarial stand-by "white out" for typo errors.  Unfortunately, this product was not going to magically erase my dental issues.

Since the package said that it was so effective you could eat with it after one hour, I assumed that similar to puddy it would eventually dry and harden over time.  Even though I gave the product overnight to dry, the goo was less than permanent or hardened in the morning.

Dentemp claims to be clinically proven, but the product hails from Comedic International Sales in Surrey, England and distributed by Majestic Drug Company in South Fallsburg, New York.  The amount of goo inside the tiny bottle is hardly enough for one tooth.  It might be appropriate for a lost filling, but I would not count on it holding any thing else in place like a crown or cap, even for a short period of time.  Brushing your teeth and using mouthwash only made the product fall apart that much faster, so it is easy to remove.

The package claims there is enough for 8 repairs, despite the fact you only get two grams of goo.  They have a website at and their phone number is 800-238-0220, but I would take a few aspirins and call your dentist first.

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