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If there is sex in heaven, is it like this?

Sep 4, 2008 (Updated Sep 6, 2008)
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Pros:sea, sun, sand, hot tub, clothing optional, couples only, all inclusive, clean, relaxing, sexy

Cons:TV in room did not work well (we found other things to do)

The Bottom Line: Try it. You might like it - a lot!

If you were asked to describe heaven, would you think about beautiful calm seas, warm sunny days, white sand beaches, free food with plenty of variety, free drinks from attentive waiters? When you think of heaven, do you wonder if they wear clothes there? Would you? Even if everyone else was naked? When you think of heaven, do you wonder if there is sex there? Is it done bedrooms with the lights off, or do you make love on a bed on the beach with your soul mate? Or does it happen in soft lighting on a bed beside a hot tub with a swim-up bar? In heaven, do you care if anyone sees you making love?

My wife and I visited Desire in November 2007. It was our first clothing optional experience, our first "sun and sand" vacation. We chose Desire precisely because I wanted to see what an all-inclusive, clothing natural, couples-only, sex friendly resort would be like, and my wonderful wife agreed. Before going, we were concerned about whether there would be enough shade (I burn easily), would it be too difficult to snag a beach bed (many reviews complained about this), and how much cigarette smoke we would be exposed to (yech). We had read various reviews, some saying the service was great or lousy, some saying the food was great or lousy (we are vegetarian).

Bottom line: we both liked it; I liked it more than my wife, but I was more comfortable with the clothing optional and open sexuality aspect; my wife adored the beach beds and swimming but did not like the disco; I loved the free drinks, the hot tub and the beach volleyball; we both enjoyed the food. We both found the resort to be very clean, appropriately priced, and very relaxing. There was no problem with shade or cigarette smoke. Getting a bed was not a big deal - some days they were all taken before we got to the beach, but many opened up after 2:00 p.m. Who can sit in one spot for 12 hours in a row anyway? Some days we got up early and enjoyed a bed until the afternoon, other days we enjoyed a bed later in the afternoon. Both were fine with us.

We had no complaints about the service or the room.

We had never been to an all-inclusive or "sun and sand" vacation place and so we did not know what to expect. We found that the price was fairly reasonable, so we were not expecting a five-star situation. We found the room (one of the less expensive ones) to be very basic - clean, nice bathroom, but really not much different from an ordinary hotel room.

We found the service to be exactly what we wanted - always available and friendly when we wanted them, close at hand, but without pestering us or hovering.

The food was very good - nice breakfast buffets with a wide variety, lots of fresh fruits; the suppers were very nice although the menus were somewhat limited for vegetarians.

We pride ourselves on not being very demanding people, so perhaps others might find complaints where we did not - everyone is different.

The best thing was that the exterior grounds were so clean, tidy and inviting. (One exception: the tennis court needed to be tidied up.)

The scale of the place really appealed to us - fairly small, no buildings more than 3 stories high, a relatively low number of guests, but with enough space that we did not feel like we were cramped into a pen. Frankly, it was the scale of the place that was one of the main reasons we chose Desire.

The hot tub was very large. I really enjoyed the free drinks and the hot tub. At many times during the day, the hot tub is basically empty, and if offers a super view of the ocean. At other times, the hot tub is completely full, and there are beds around the exterior of the hot tub deck area. Public displays of affection in the hot tub and on the beds is relatively common (and a bit of shock to newbies like us, but not an unpleasant shock).

Desire is fairly close to Cancun, so we spent a day at Cancun, which we enjoyed, but we would never consider staying in Cancun - because we just don't like high-rise hotels, crammed one after another.

There was a day cruise offered to Isla Majeres (sp?), which we now wish we had taken. There were also snorkeling opportunities on the reef, which my wife will try next time we go there.

After our week at Desire, we went south to Cabanas Copal by Tulum - a totally different kind of sun and sand experience which we also enjoyed very much. I'll write a separate review about that.

There was a time-share presentation on offer in exchange for free massages. We misunderstood the whole conversation about that and wound up in some kind of interview at our first breakfast before we finally clued in and told the young lady we would not even consider attending a time-share presentation.

We would go back to Desire again, although we both enjoy new experiences and there are so many places and experiences we have never tried! But while I was at Desire, I could not help thinking: if there is sex in heaven, it has got to be like sex at Desire. At least that's the kind of heaven I'm hoping for.

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