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Developlus Color Oops Extra Strength Hair Color Remover, #Es102 1 Each (857169101020)

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Color Oops, I did it again!

Mar 1, 2009 (Updated Mar 3, 2009)
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Pros:Works in 20 minutes, even on black hair colorant!

Cons:Stinky, leaves hair too porous to color immediately afterwards.

The Bottom Line: Color Oops is a better solution than bleaching, but should be followed by a visit to the salon if you need to recolor your hair!

This story is a little long, but concerning hair color, it has to be...when you botch up your hair, or if you simply get sick of a color, knowing what is REALLY involved is important.

In 2007, I changed my medium golden brown hair to a deep, dark bluish black...Feria Black Leather, to be precise.  Problem was, my hair grows exceptionally fast, so roots were a weekly problem!  Getting sick of the high maintenance, I decided to go back to my own, worry-free color.  After extensive research on the internet, I decided to head up to the drugstore and give Color Oops a try.

With waist-length hair, I required 3 boxes of Color Oops to properly saturate my hair.  At $13 a box, that was quite a cost for an at-home solution.  However, 20 minutes after soaking my head in the rotten smelling stuff - a very sulferous bad-egg smell that fills the whole house with the smell - I watched the black fade away.  That in itself was amazing, because every review out there claimed that Feria colors were the WORST to remove or correct.  This was NOT a problem for Color Oops.

The box claims that you can recolor your hair immediately after, suggesting that you go with a lighter color than you want.  This is because your hair will be extremely porous and will absorb too much of the color.  I purchased a light brown colorant from my local beauty supply store (I avoided a box kit for the redo), plus the appropriate level of developer for that shade.  I had the new mixture on my hair for 15 minutes - half the recommended time - because of the porosity of my hair.  After I washed and dried, I was sad to see that my hair returned to an almost black shade.

Frustrated, I went back to the drugstore and box 3 more boxes of Color Oops (determined to avoid the cost of a hairdresser for my length and thickness of hair) and repeated the process.  After 20 minutes, Color Oops pulled the new color out with no problems, plus a little more of the old color.  My hair was a very interesting shade of light, bright orange.  I pulled it into a bun, sported a hat for 2 days, and then called the salon to do a color correction.

The stylist was amazed that I found a drugstore product that was able to strip even Feria black...and without damaging my hair in the least.  Kudos to Color Oops, because despite the horrendous smell, it didn't damage my hair, and the stylist was impressed.  Keep in mind, my hair was pretty healthy before the 36 hours of abuse I put it through.

My stylist managed to duplicate my previous colors, after a lot of mixing, blending, foiling, highlighting, all of which took us 6.5 hours of torture to accomplish.  Yes, 6.5 hours.  I wonder how long it would have taken if she had to strip the black out too???  I assume she would have used bleach, and that was absolutely out of the question for me!  Aside from the $80 I spent for my attempt at an at-home solution, the salon visit cost $240...a hefty price to pay for a "whim".

If you colored over your natural haircolor (sans highlights or other colors), Color Oops will most definitely strip the color and give you your lovely locks back...all without the damage and expense of a trip to the salon.

If you colored over your already heavily colored and highlighted hair, Color Oops will strip out the color, most likely turn you a varying shade of orange, and you SHOULD at least then go to a stylist to recolor your hair.  This will save you money in the short term!!!!!

The smell is horrid, but tolerable as it begins to react with the pigments absorbed by your hair.  The damage is minimal on hair that isn't already extremely overprocessed.  It does not leave a filmy residue in the hair when washed out.  Color Oops was designed to remove regular oxidized colorant from the hair, so if you have colors like pinks, blues, greens, lavenders, or purples (and other unnatural colors), Color Oops won't be effective - according to the product directions.  If you've colored your hair a much darker shade than your natural (or previous) haircolor, expect to repeat the Color Oops process at least 24 hours after your first application.  Color Oops is a liquid, and very runny.  If you normally use 1 box of haircolor to dye your hair, you should plan to double that amount when purchasing Color Oops.  Saturation of the hair is key in the use of this product.

Color Oops is a great alternative to bleaching, and I will continue to use it as a precursor to any salon visit for color correction!

March 2009...

I just whacked off all my hair and decided to color it again.  I found the perfect shade at the beauty supply store, came home, mixed it, applied it, washed it, and YIKES!!!!  Talk about a deep, dark plum!  Not exactly what I expected to happen, when I purchased the reddish dark brown colorant!

Ran up to the drugstore and grabbed a box of Color Oops.  After the 20 minute application, I rinsed and washed my hair according to the directions - always according to the directions.  The smell penetrated the house again, but, you get use to it!

Color Oops yanked out the purplish tones in my hair, leaving me more of a reddish brown...which was actually very nice.  Not as dark of a brown as the original color I wanted, but close.  I left my hair alone for 24 hours, put a cap on and ran some light brown through those strands (because of porosity, I used a lighter color).  I left that on for 10 minutes, washed, dried, and VOILA!

The new colorant toned down the red a little, increased the effect of dark brown in my hair, and this time my little experiment cost me a whopping $20!!!!!  As the previous time, Color Oops did NOT damage my hair!

So, if you mess up your hair color or get some crazy tone with your new color, consider giving Color Oops a try.  Follow the directions explicitly, wash and rinse per the directions, and make sure to give your hair at LEAST 24 hours before attempting to color again.  If you must do a whole-head application of color, then I still recommend going to a salon for that.  I used a light brown colorant for 10 minutes, and the strands I applied it to turned dark brown, so expect this type of result if recoloring it yourself.

For the second time, I am impressed and completely satisfied with the performance of Color Oops!!!!!

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