Dexatrim Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement Green Tea Formula Caplets Reviews

Dexatrim Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement Green Tea Formula Caplets

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Dexatrim Green Tea Formula Caplets: Control Appetite And Lose Weight Naturally?

Jun 7, 2006
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Pros:Controls appetite, easy to swallow caplets, 'natural' formula.

Cons:Expensive, slightly deceptive wording.

The Bottom Line: Looking for a natural product to help with weight loss and appetite suppression? Dexatrim's Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement Green Tea Formula might be worth checking out.

Dexatrim Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement Green Tea Formula makes a pretty hefty claim that it helps control your appetite, increases energy and kicks up your metabolism to burn fat and calories. Moreover, it does it without the help of any ephedrine containing products. There is a small amount of caffeine in it but the 50 milligrams isn’t going to be anything that is going to have you shaking your skin off. If you drink coffee, even one cup a day, you are ingesting more caffeine from that than from one dose of this product. Being a lover of ephedrine, it is hard for me to look at products like this and think that there is any way that they could possibly give me that same rush or feeling. Even so, I am a glutton for punishment so when I saw the thirty pack of these I decided to give it a try to see if it worked better than any of the other Dexatrim products I’ve tried in the past. What really puzzles me is the neutral stance that the FDA has with products like this. They will go after products like Stacker 2 and Xenadrine because some moron takes ten times the recommended amount on the label but products like these remain on the shelves.

Dexatrim Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement Green Tea Formula Caplets
green tea leaf extract, antioxidant polyphenols, epigallocatechin gallate, caffeine, ginseng root, microcrystalline cellulose

Unlike the older Dexatrim products that came in a somewhat hard to swallow capsule, these caplets go down easy. These are not little miracle pills that will magically make fat disappear and you need to use them with a diet and exercise plan to get the best results. Simply taking these while you are sitting on the couch won’t do anything so if you are looking for that miracle drug to strip you of stored body fat, keep looking because this isn’t it. One of the things that this product claims it that it will give you more energy “so your lower calorie diet won't get you down”. Did it do that for me? Not really. The green tea, caffeine and proprietary herbal blend are what should be giving you that kick but I’ve never really found that green tea is anything more than something tasty to drink and Dexatrim calling it a thermogenic is a real stretch. If you are sensitive to caffeine then maybe the 50 milligrams in one dose of this will have more of an impact on you but for me it didn’t do much of anything.

One very important thing to keep in mind about this [and most products like it] is that it has not been approved or regulated by the FDA [Food & Drug Administration]. That means that they can make any claim that they want about it, including results and ‘tests’, without anyone questioning it. I will not say that this product doesn’t work because it can be helpful for some people however it didn’t really do much for me. It did help a little bit with my appetite but as far as it providing more energy, I didn’t feel anything from it. I’d suggest this for people who want something that is ‘natural’ [meaning that it doesn’t contain anything like ephedrine] to help them control their appetite. This doesn’t work as well as the older Dexatrim products that are no longer on the market but you have governmental meat puppets to thank for that. While Dexatrim doesn’t come out and say this, there is a bulking element in this. By bulking I mean something that give you the feeling of being full, microcrystalline cellulose. This is what helps to control your appetite, when consumed it absorbs a minimal amount of water and gives you the feeling of being ‘full’. That is why it is suggested that you take this before a meal, it may help you eat less by giving you the feeling that you are full.

Burns Fat And Calories?

Dexatrim doesn’t come out and say that this is a thermogenic product; thermogenesis happens when the core body temperature is raised. The amount of green tea that you need to actually induce thermogenesis in an average human is about fifteen times what you get in one dose of this product so their claim [per the wording on the package] of “ A blend that has been clinically shown to increase fat metabolism by inducing thermogenesis” needs to be picked apart to be understood. “Clinically shown” means that in clinical trials ... not something that has anything to do with this actual product or the amount in it. As far as it burning fat; they make no mention of whether they are referring to stored fat [body fat] or consumed fat [from foods ingested but not yet absorbed or processed completely by the body]. I am going to have to assume that they are talking about stored fat since they toss around the whole thermogenic process on their package.


I have only seen this in two format, the thirty count blister package for about $7.99 and the larger economy bottle of ninety for about fifteen dollars. I went to the blister pack to try it out because I didn’t want to get stuck with another ‘useless’ product on my shelf. This is nice to have around if you need a little pick me up but as far as what Dexatrim has to say about it being able to burn fat as well as provide extra energy. If all you want is extra energy you are better off spending your money on something that is going to really put you into high gear. I am not flat out trashing this product but there is only so much energy you are going to get from it unless you exceed the recommended dose and that is certainly not what I am advising people to do.


Per Dexatrim’s advice, you should take one caplet before meals but the maximum you should take in one day is three. Since I eat small meals through out the day it is hard for me to pick a set time to take it so I grab one when ever I am heading to the gym. Dexatrim is part of a growing number of companies that are putting this warning on their products, “Do not exceed recommended serving size. Exceeding the recommended dose has not been shown to result in greater effectiveness. Since there is about 50 milligrams of caffeine in each caplet you will want to avoid using this with other products that contain caffeine. I know some people that take these with other products and they don’t have any problems with it but that is not my suggestion.


Just because something is over the counter doesn’t mean that it is completely safe to take. If you have caffeine sensitivity then even the 50 milligram dose in this could upset your stomach or give you the shakes. It goes without saying that any woman that is pregnant or breast feeding should not take this as it can cross the blood brain barrier. This should only be used by people over the age of eighteen and never combined with any other weight loss product. Why? Because if you have some type of reaction to it you may have trouble differentiating which product gave you trouble. Exceeding the suggested dosage could result in negative or unpleasant side effects. Dexatrim doesn’t list these [as direct side effects] but looking at the ingredients I am going to have to say that sleeplessness, nausea, light headedness, excessive sweating and cramping would be just a few of the things that you could look forward to it if you decided to take more than the suggested dose. They do tell you that if you feel feverish, light headed or experience sleeplessness that you should discontinue using this and consult your doctor. Be sure to read the entire package before taking this and if any of the blister pods are broken, do not take the product.

The Bottom Line

I used the package over the course of a week or so and didn’t see any major results from it. The bulking factor is what helps to control my appetite but this isn’t something that is going to control cravings for sugar, chocolate or other comfort foods. Sometimes it’s best to just give in and have a candy bar instead of trying to stave it off with other foods and still having that craving hanging over your head. This would be something that I’d suggest for people who don’t want something with a lot of straight caffeine in it. Dexatrim saying that this is ‘natural’ is a stretch of the definition of the word. It contains stabilizers, microcrystalline cellulose and other ‘not natural’ ingredients. How can they get away with calling it ‘natural’ when it isn’t? That would be a question best answered by the FDA ....

As always, thanks for the read!

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