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Jun 22, 2012
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The Bottom Line: 1 x 1 inch poly cubes generated of heavy-duty, child safe, formulated from quality raw materials selected to conform to manufacturing and governmental safety standards

Note: as with most of the items I review in this category the items are not NECESSARILY toys, games, game pieces, game boards, game machines or devices or office supplies per se, rather these are classroom type materials intended for use with primary and older age students.

This product is a Unifix Block, spiral bound, rhyming flip book

Didax™ Educational Resources Inc. Unifix Letter Cube Rhyme Flip Book is a 4 x 12 inch flip book having 24 pages of matter-of-fact, self checking Language Arts activities with confirmed answers for on the spot feedback during lesson strengthening work as Osage County First Grade Little Readers toil together during augmentation episode subsequent to the tutoring segment of the lesson.

In our Osage County First Grade classroom, poly Unifix™ vowel and consonant letter blocks are used for training and amplification work as Little Learners advance lexis, word deciphering and spelling adeptness through the construction of identifiable words based upon commonplace word family groups through use of multihued, compelling task cards offered in a child pleasing flip book format and used in concert with vibrant poly letter cubes.

1 x 1 inch poly cubes generated of heavy-duty, child safe, formulated from quality raw materials selected to conform to manufacturing and governmental safety standards for handling in settings where young children can be expected to be present and are colored and imprinted using non-hazardous colorant with consonant presented as blue cubes while vowels are red.

I like the grooved tab which helps keep the letter blocks in place as words are built.

Note: Word families use may be CV, CVC, CVVC, High Frequency, vocabulary words taught and used by growing and intensifying consciousness of phonological, phonemic, knowledge to form groups of rhyming words, word families, having a first consonant chased by a known VC phoneme such as s at, m at, b at, l at.

Because Osage County First Grade is tested regarding capacity to decipher both authentic and nonsense CVC words; Little Learners do use all consonants to construct both bona fide, words as well as nonsense words. By and large nonsense words are the hunks and chunks which will used later by Osage County First Grade, as we all do, in reading actual words such as dat; a nonsense word which leads to reading data actual word.

After using Unifix cubes for many years in the classroom: I find Little Learners universally enjoy working with Unifix cubes whether for Math or for Language Arts activities.

Pattern cards presented in a child usable flip book format are always welcome additions for Osage County First Grade work sessions.  Word cards are printed with blue and red blocks to specify to Little Users where to place the vowel or consonant cubes. Patterns included in this flip book include various blend words as well as common CVC words.

As Emergent Readers gain competency for distinguishing onset, or the beginning sound in addition to rime, the phoneme following the initial consonant in one syllable words, Little Learner capacity for blending and splintering phonemes used in single syllable words enlarges leading to more reading fluency and less need for stopping to sound out sound by sound, word by word.

Our state and or common core instructional standards call for Little Readers being given continuing, detailed, consistent phonics skill building training. Research has long shown that meager phonemic comprehension is a primary basis leading to life long reading problems.

Planned to accommodate an array of red and blue alphabet cube sets, or diverse CVC sets; this publisher’s multi-colored flip book presents self-guided rhyming word activities for students.

Happy to recommend Didax™ Educational Resources Inc. Unifix Letter Cube Rhyme Flip Book.





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Internet search including the Dicax site indicates: The name Didax comes from the Greek didaktikos, meaning -to teach-.

For over thirty years, Didax has specialized in helping educators address individual learning styles and diverse student needs. Since their introduction in the 70's, more teachers have used our Unifix® Cubes than any other manipulative in the world.

Each year Didax launches more pioneering hands-on, print, and software tools to make teachers more successful.  Nearly all our products come directly from teachers, and we are always accessible to consider ideas, needs, or suggestions.

We serve you from our offices and warehouse inRowley,Massachusettson the North Shore of Boston. Our international publishing partner is RIC Publications of Perth, Western Australia.  Together we serve teachers all over the globe.

Didax is proud to be a member of The Association of Educational Publishers, The International Reading Association, The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and The National School Supply and Equipment Association.
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