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Dirt Devil BD20020 Stick Vacuum

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This inexpensive Dirt Devil Stick Vacuum does an admirable job of mimicking a vacuum cleaner.

Nov 7, 2010 (Updated Nov 8, 2010)
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Pros:Cordless, lightweight, picks up lots of debris, easy to empty, bagless, cheap, rugs or floors

Cons:No battery charged indicator, very lightweight makes me worry about durability

The Bottom Line: The Dirt Devil BD20020 Stick Vacuum has just enough power to pick up lots of stuff from floors and rugs cordlessly. Great for quick cleanups.

I like my Bissell Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper - 92N0A even with its handle issues but I wanted something with a little power. We have just one large area rug and the rest is flooring. I am so sick of sweeping! I bought the Dirt Devil BD20020 Stick Vacuum on a whim when I saw it for $29.99 at Big Lots. I really didn't do any research at all on these types of battery powered brooms. Still, this vacuum works as well as can be expected for having so little power. It seems to be doing a good job picking up most debris although, like the Bissell, it will not pick up coins. I don't know how long this stick vacuum will hold up but so far, it's doing a decent job.

About the Product

The Dirt Devil Power Sweep Sweeper comes with a powerful 7.2 volt battery that gives you up to 35 minutes of run time. The motorized brush roll allows you to do both carpets and bare floors. Comes with an easy to use bottom empty dirt cup for easy disposal of dirt. Low profile and swivel steering for all those hard to get at places to clean. The ergonomic handle makes it very comfortable to use. Very lightweight. Weighs less than 4 lbs. Comes with a 1 year warranty.

Manufacturer's Info

The Dirt Devil BD20020 Stick Vacuum at a Glance

This sweeper came in a fairly small box. Inside, the handle was in three pieces, making me fear that it wouldn't stay together but this one is metal with plastic ends that push in and stay in. I simply had to attach the three rods together, push in the plastic grip handle and then put the whole rod into the back of the sweeping unit. It clicked in and seems to stay in although removing the handle is easy with a push of a button.

The actual sweeper part is small at around 12X12 inches and 4 inches high. It has a black plastic area on one end where the rechargeable battery is. You can turn the battery on and off with a tap of a toe.

This sweeper doesn't use bags. It has a plastic cup that fills fairly quickly and can easily be lifted out and emptied into the trash from the bottom. You can see through the plastic to see if the cup is filling up. Dirt Devil suggests emptying the receptacle after each use and I agree. It fills up fast.

In the box, too, was the battery charger for the 7.2 volt battery that came already inserted. You just plug the charger into an outlet and plug the other end into the side of the sweeper. This should be done for 24 hours before your first use and then about eight hours whenever the sweeper needs a charge. The instructions say that the battery will run continuously for 35-40 minutes on one charge. That seems low considering how long they say to charge the battery but it is a low priced, low powered little stick broom.

Once the unit is charged, you are ready to put it to the test and that is just what I did.

My Experience

I honestly didn't know what to expect from a battery charged push sweeper. It's like a hybrid of a vacuum cleaner and a stick broom. It is pretty loud, humming like a vacuum cleaner does. It sucks up most crumbs, debris, pet hair, and other things easily. It avoids coins and larger pieces of debris but will suck cords in so you have to careful not to run over a cord when using the Dirt Devil BD20020 Stick Vacuum. If you do, just turn it off and pull the cord out. I say this from experience obviously.

The sweeper swivels while I vacuum to get around chairs, furnishing, and other things. At first I found that swiveling annoying. It seemed to just go every which way. But after a few uses, I don't even notice it and I appreciate that the sweeper can navigate around things with ease and get into tight spots.

The handle will lie flat to allow for the sweeper to get under chairs, the couch, the bed, or whatever. That is also handy.

When I am done, I pull out the debris cup, press the release button which opens it and toss out the stuff I gathered as I vacuumed. Removing and replacing the debris receptacle is very easy as is emptying it. There isn't much dust or mess at all when emptying.

One thing that would make this sweeper vacuum better would be a battery charged indicator. As it stands, a red light goes on when I am charging the battery, but it never tells me when the battery is fully charged. I just go by the time it has been plugged in but seeing a green light or some other "battery charged" indicator would take the guesswork out of charging the unit.

The debris receptacle is pretty small. I easily fill it a few times when I do the downstairs of my home. Granted, I do have pets and they get their dry food on the floor, their fur sheds, and I have the usual stuff that collects on flooring but still. A bit larger debris cup would be welcome.

This unit is very lightweight at under four pounds. I worry about it holding up. But then, it's a $30.00 product. If I get eight to 10 months out of it, I'll feel like I got my money's worth. if I get more, it's a bonus.

Obviously, the Dirt Devil BD20020 Stick Vacuum isn't going to perform like a real vacuum cleaner. It has very low power. But it does do a good job on wood floors, low napped rugs, and tile floors. I can "sweep" my kitchen, bathroom, hardwood floors in my living room and the throw rug with no issues and I don't have to keep going over the same area numerous times.

In all, while this unit could have a few more features that would make it slightly more user friendly, for such a low price, I think it works quite well.

Buying Info

The Dirt Devil BD20020 Stick Vacuum is available at mass-market stores and some drugstores. I got mine at Big Lots. It was called the Dirt Devil Power Sweep Cordless Sweeper on the box and the model number was below that. You can also buy this sweeper online at a variety of home and garden and mass-market websites. I paid $29.99 for mine and it looks as though the prices vary from that up to around $39.99 or even a bit more.


I didn't expect the Dirt Devil BD20020 Stick Vacuum to perform like a high end vacuum cleaner and it doesn't. But for quick clean ups on wood and tile floors and even rugs, it works pretty well. It doesn't have a lot of power but that little bit of power it does have makes quite a difference in how much stuff it picks up and how well it does it the first time around. It's super easy to put together and use and the rechargeable battery makes having to buy batteries unnecessary. I also like that it doesn't have a cord because I can haul it all over without regard to where an out let is. Sure, it could be better but it's a $30.00 sweeper! It's fine for what it is. 4 stars.

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Amount Paid (US$): 29.99

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