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Disney Junior - Live On Stage

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Disney Junior - Live On Stage, It's A Good one For Kids 3-7. Others-Will-Enjoy-Too!

Jun 20, 2011 (Updated Jun 24, 2011)
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Pros:Kids 4-9 loved the show.
Lots of action for the kids.

Cons:Sitting on the carpeted floor was uncomfortable for ol' pops

The Bottom Line: This is a fun and exciting show for the over toddler group. The humor was fresh and the story line a surprise birthday party perfect. I recommend it.

One thing I have noticed after returning to Disney World on and off for forty years, the first year my wife and I were married, is that they are not hesitant to close a show and open up something fresh.

A New Show Replacing the Old

Thus is the case of Disney Junior - Live on Stage that opened earlier this year to good reviews. This was once the show Playhouse Disney, Live - On Stage but they brought a few new changes including the name and marque of the show.

We were fortunate to walk in without a long wait. I was surprised to see a large wide stage in a relatively smallish room with no seating. It was like a warehouse space. Everyone sits on the carpeted floor for the show. If you are in early you might capture one of the few benches available in the back corner of the auditorium.

The Show Begins

Early on we get to meet Mickey Mouse and friends who explain that they are getting together to prepare a surprise birthday party for Minnie Mouse. It's then that we were introduced to many of the Junior families. These are muppit like puppets about two to four feet tall being handled by puppeteers below the eye line.

We get to meet Jake and the Never Land Pirates and also a favorite of mine now, Handimanny. There were plenty more of these cute cuddly new chapter and and the acting was live filling the full stage areas keeping the action close to the audience.

As the Juniors were preparing for the party, Mickey gave them there particular jobs to do, they would practice and also have the children dancing and having fun. There were at least four times when something came down from the rafters. There were bubbles, streamers and large confetti pieces, more. That action kept the kids very interested.

Of course being part of the preparation for the surprise Minnie Birthday Party kept the kids involved too.

pops Take

Being the big guy that I am, I was uncomfortable sitting on the ground as was my wife. The kids were fine though and for the twenty minute show it was bareable for me.

The characters were adorable and their animated action was lively and eye catching. The kids never took their eyes off the stage.

My grand daughters 5 and 7 years old loved the show. Watching the other kids in that age category sealed it. It's a terrific show for that age child and shouldn't be missed. It gives buck for the little waiting time we had and though no seats, the A/C was working fine.

I can recommend this attraction.

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