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Disney On Ice Princess Wishes: Happily Ever After is a Dream Come True

Jan 27, 2008 (Updated Jun 5, 2008)
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Pros:A magical, fun, amazing experience. Superb costumes and routines.

Cons:The fire breathing dragon could be quite scary for some children. Souvenirs are overpriced.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend Princess Wishes for children 4 and up. All of the princesses are represented as well as some beloved Disney characters. Full of imaginative scenes.

Disney on Ice Princess Wishes is a beautiful and magical ice skating show that is perfect for little princesses ages 4 and up.

The show lasts about 2 hours with a 15 minute intermission.

The theme of show is ‘princess wishes” and shows short scenes of the princesses getting their wishes to come true. Each scene lasts around 10 minutes. There is narration, as well as songs from the videos.

The Show

Tinker Bell is the show’s MC and reappears before each act to introduce the next princess segment. Tinker Bell begins the princess journey by sprinkling fairy dust on the ice. There are also appearances by Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as well as Goofy. Not really sure why these characters are in a princess show, but they were well received anyways.

“A Wish Granted”: Aladdin falls in love with Jasmine in the marketplace. There is a fast moving chase scene, but Aladdin escapes, of course. Aladdin finds the genie’s lamp and makes the genie appear. He grants Aladdin’s wish to be a prince who win’s Jasmine’s heart. The songs are “One Jump Ahead” and “A Whole New World.” The story short story line, the costumes, and skating were superb.

“Wishing Well”: Snow White meets the prince she has been dreaming about. There is also an appearance by the 7 dwarfs, complete with the High Ho. Songs are “I’m Wishing” and “One Song.” Snow White is the favorite in our home. Unfortunately, the coverage of her was brief. We would have liked to have seen more! The costumes of the dwarfs were excellent, but they were as tall as Snow White which my daughter questioned.

“Dreams of Adventure”: Belle is welcomed by the singing candlestick (can’t remember his name!) and dancing silverware. Songs are “Belle” and “Be Our Guest.” Unfortunately, there is NOT an appearance by the Beast.

“A Splash of Hope”: Prince Eric and his crew perform a fast action routine, complete with Eric swinging down a rope from a raised platform. Sebastian, Flounder, and Ariel, along with a ton of sea creatures put on the show’s most colorful, lively scene, complete with bubbles coming down from the ceiling. The songs are “Fathoms Below” and “Under the Sea.” Wow, this is probably our favorite set. Unbelievable costumes and set design!


“A Mermaid’s Wish”: Ariel longs to be a human and signs a contract giving up her voice to Ursula. Ariel and Eric break Ursula’s spell by kissing. The songs are “Kiss the Girl” and “Part of Your World.” Excellent acting and skating by Ariel and Eric.

“Lessons and Love”: Mulan teaches her students martial arts moves and lessons about balance. Mulan finds love with her prince. The song is “Lesson #1”. Very weak sequence with boring/lack of sets. The skating was okay. This is a good time for a potty break if you didn't go during intermission.

“Dreams Come True”: Prince Phillip battles an army and a dragon to rescue Sleeping Beauty. There is a fight scene with swords and a fire breathing dragon that breathes out lots of smoke and actually sets the ice on fire. The prince slays the dragon and kisses Sleeping Beauty. The song is “Once Upon a Dream.” Very dramatic!

“Longing for Love”: There is a beautiful royal ball scene, complete with the ugly stepsisters vying for the prince’s attention. The stepsisters are played by two male skaters and are very comical. Cinderella arrives in a horse drawn carriage and falls in love. The songs are “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and “So, This is Love.” Another beautifully skated scene!

“Princess Wishes”: This is the grand finale with all of the princesses and their princes reappearing, complete with other characters from the show, including Mickey, Minnie, and Tinker Bell. There are also some loud, brief fireworks.

The Set and Costumes

The set is minimalist, but is colorful, fun and manages to spark the imagination into creating a full scene. There are fun touches like a fake waterfall, a boat that takes lucky members from the audience for a ride in one of Ariel’s scenes, blow up castle turrets, and the ceiling drops and sways during the Prince Eric’s boat storm scene. The costumes are gorgeous with lots of colors and sparkles. There are masks for several of the characters such as the 7 dwarfs and Mickey and Minnie.

Our Experience

I took my four year old daughter with a friend and her four year old daughter. The girls loved the show and were often leaning forward in their seats. My daughter has never seen a Disney princess video, although we have read a short version of Snow White and I have told her a condensed version of Ariel and Sleeping Beauty. My daughter is not familiar with the songs. However, she loved the performance and at the end of the show, asked to see it again. My friend’s daughter is a Disney addict and has watched the videos for years. She too enjoyed the show. From our experience, “Princess Wishes” could be very entertaining for any little girl, regardless of their knowledge of the Disney stories. We dressed both girls up as their favorite princess, which added to the fun. We thought that we were being original, but the majority of the girls were dressed as their favorite princess. I'd highly recommend dressing your little girl up so she can be part of the fun.

One thing that show goers should be aware of is the fire breathing dragon in the Sleeping Beauty scene is quite dramatic and frightening. The lights are dimmed during this scene, there is lots of smoke, the dragon is huge, and his eyes glow and smoke comes out of his nose. At one point, he breathes fire and literally sets some of the ice on fire.

We had heard beforehand of the dragon and had prepared our girls for it. We talked about how the dragon would snort, growl, and grunt and chase Prince Phillip. We joked that the dragon was just grumpy, and was too old and slow to catch him. We sat 10 seats back from the rink, so we were pretty close to the dragon for he makes his way around the entire rink. I have a very sensitive child and I was worried about the dragon, but she handled it well, thought that he was funny and it was one of her favorite parts of the show. My advice would be to definitely prepare your children for this scene or take a bathroom break then. I highly recommend not letting children under 4 view this scene!

The Concessions

Oh my, be prepared for overpriced items! There are concession stands in front of every entrance into the show, so your children will see them. A light up wand was $20, a light up crown was $18, and programs were $20. Be warned that there are twirling, light up wands. One of the sellers actually warned me not to buy one for they can easily catch hair and twist and tangle it. The lights dim several times in the show, so it would be fun for your children to have something that lights up. I brought along light up bracelets and necklaces for the girls which I had purchased beforehand at Michael’s for a $1 for 20. I have seen Disney princess light up wands for less than $10 at Target, which would be perfect for the show.

I ended up buying one of the programs for $20. It has beautiful pictures of the show and has been perfect for a keepsake for my daughter. She has looked through it at least 50 times already and it has only been 3 days since the show. She plans to take it into preschool for show and tell. The program also came with a fake princess rose which my daughter believes is magical and she has used it for pretend play. I am updating this review several months later. My daughter is still loving the program book!

Prohibited Items

I am not sure if this is typical, but for the shows in Phoenix, our purses were searched and I saw some peoples’ coats searched. Cameras are NOT allowed into the show. I admitted to bringing in some snacks and my searcher let me keep them. I am not sure if she was cutting me a break or not.

Final Thoughts

The tickets to the Princess Wishes show were a gift. As I mentioned earlier, I have kept my daughter away from the whole princess thing, so I never would have considered attending a princess show, let alone paying a small fortune for tickets. However, I am so thankful we went! It is an amazing experience for a young child! My daughter has talked constantly about it for the last 3 days and it has definitely increased her imagination.

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