Diva Starz Collectible: Alexa

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Alexa ~ Diva Starz ... Sorry Mattel, but she just doesn't fit into this family!

Jan 13, 2002 (Updated Jan 13, 2002)
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Pros:My daughter does not play with her! (And this doesn't bother me!)

Cons:My daughter does not play with her!

The Bottom Line: Sorry, but I can't recommend this product! Guess that we are just better off with a Barbie.

Somewhere along the way I have missed out on some of the hottest (or so I’ve been told) toys available. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that my daughter rarely makes it further than the Barbie isle before something catches her eye! I guess that it is a good thing that Birthdays roll around…

Last year my blonde haired beauty turned six. (sniff) After spending an afternoon with fourteen of her favorite girl friends at her birthday party, she was anxious to come home and open up her presents. With a friend of hers eagerly watching, my daughter unwrapped her presents one by one. Most of the presents I had seen before. Barbie’s, craft supplies, books, Sophie shorts, and Alexa ~ Diva Starz. Ah … wait a minute! Who is this Alexa? Well, my daughters friend knew exactly who this Alexa was and couldn’t wait to show my daughter everything about her!

~ Is this Alexa really a Diva? ~

In answer to the above question, a resounding yes! Alexa ~ Diva Starz Collectible is most definitely a Diva. And I found myself wondering … is this what I really want my daughter to relate too?

After what seemed like hours, Alexa was released from her box. Yes, like any Barbie doll, Alexa came with the tape, strings and everything else to make sure that she did not come out of the box. I am quite certain that I found this to be more disturbing than my daughter, although it was a close call since she was waiting anxiously to play with her newest toy.

~ What does she look like? ~

Measuring in at six inches in height, this Alexa definitely has a different look going for her. Why? Well, if you haven’t noticed from the picture shown up above, Alexa has quite a large head along with a matching pair of feet! Both her head and feet measure approximately 2 ½ inches in width. And what about her waist? A little over half an inch in width!

This Diva Starz has long blonde hair that reaches to the very tip of her shoes, with two small sections pulled back in a ponytail near the front, right about her bangs. I have found the hair to be the same consistency as Barbie’s hair and when pulled back with barrettes, you can sometimes find bald spots on her head.

You know what else I have found to be very noticeable about this Diva? Her eyes. While her eyes are a pretty blue in color, highlighted by the purple eye shadow and long (fake) eyelashes, they are huge! Seriously, they are the same width as her waist!

I know, I seem to really be bashing the way this Diva Starz look. Perhaps I have been spoiled by the many Barbie’s in this house! I will say that I do like the outfit that Alexa is wearing. Like the rest of her entire body, the outfit is made out of plastic, which is non-removable. But, it is cute and definitely something that I could see my daughter wearing. It is a pink jacket (suit) that has a hot pink border around the collar of the jacket, and along the sleeves. There is also a hot pink line showing where pockets would be on this jacket. The skirt (a mini) is of the same color also sporting the same hot pink edging on the bottom of the skirt. The whole ensemble is completed with a pair of hot pink (and they are bright) shoes with a chunky black sole. As you all know, these are my daughter’s favorite colors!

~ Any accessories? ~

Are you kidding? Of course this Diva has to have some accessories!

~ sun glasses ~ Yes, this Diva can’t leave the house without her sunglasses! The frames of these glasses are black and sport a pink lens. You expected that, right? I want to mention that there are frame tips that are included which need to be attached to the sunglasses. These are very small, and … I have found that when my daughter takes Alexa’s glasses off, they come off of the frame. I find this to be a problem for a couple of reasons. Why? These frame tips are very small and can easily be lost.

~ barrettes ~ Two barrettes are included with this Diva. A pink heart barrette and a purple flower barrette. Actually, both of these barrettes are the perfect size for Alexa’s hair and stay in great.

~ pom poms ~ Yes, two small hot pink (with sparkles) pom poms are included with this set. On one side of the pom pom is some velcro that easily attaches to Alexa’s hair.

~ boa feather ~ Probably the highlight of the outfit ensemble, a bright pink boa feather. My daughter just loved this accessory!

~ purse ~ I told you she was a Diva, so what Diva would go anywhere without her purse? (Of boa feather, right?) The pink purse is also made of plastic and has a handle on it so that Alexa has no problem holding on to it.

~ brush ~ You are going to need this pink brush to keep her hair styling! It reminds me a great deal of the brushes you receive with a Barbie.

~ stickers ~ A sheet of stickers is also include that may be placed onto Alexa’s face or clothing. My daughter opted to use them on paper instead!

~ Does she do anything? ~

Of course she does! This Diva Starz can turn her head (completely around), she can twist her waist completely around, and her arms and legs are even made to swivel some. We have found that you do have to have to her pretty centered before trying to stand her up on my daughter’s desk, otherwise, she will fall down.

The most entertaining feature, for my daughter I might add, is that Alexa can talk. Yes, this Diva has four different phrases that she likes to share with you. Just press the top of Alexa’s head and she will speak.

~ Hello-o! I’m Alexa!
~ Di-va-licious!
~ You make me smile!
~ U–la –la! (For some reason, this phrase really seems to stick with me through tout the day!)

~ Will Suzanne recommend this Diva Starz to others? ~

Sorry, but I just can not recommend this doll to others. While she is cute in her own way, Alexa has not only not won me over, but she has not been able to win over my daughter either. She found her to be amusing for a few minutes, and then she went on her way to play with something else. It is a very rare occasion that my daughter will play with Alexa, and if she does, it usually is to change her hairstyle and make sure her boa feather is on correctly.

Unfortunately, this Alexa ~ Diva Starz Collectible spends way more time sitting on my daughters desk than play time. As a Mom, I am very happy that I didn't spend the money for this doll.

Sorry Mattel, but this time, this mother and daughter were not sold!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just in case you do decide to check out this Diva for yourself, there are four (4) Diva’s in all for you to choose from. They are ~

~ Alexa, ~ Nikki, ~ Tia and ~ Summer

Each doll is sold separately, and comes with a 2 year limited warranty from Mattel, Inc.

Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): gift
Age Range of Child: 6 to 8 Years

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