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Daisy, the Doggled Chihuahua

Nov 7, 2008 (Updated Dec 10, 2008)
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Pros:Great sun protection for your dog.  "Prescribed" by an animal ophthalmologist.

Cons:Parts could be better attached.

The Bottom Line: DOGGLES are a great invention.  They have a practical use, yet are fashionable.  Dogs look very cute in them.

***There is a picture of Daisy in her DOGGLES shopping on my profile page.  If you scroll down you can meet Daisy and my other dogs.***

One of our very first foster dogs was Daisy.  Daisy was a 6 year old Chihuahua, with very funny reactions to both indoor and outdoor lighting.  I noticed it, yet never really thought about it.

Daisy was adopted by a family who then took her to the vet.  When the vet told them that Daisy was going blind, they promptly returned her, explaining they couldn't be there for her like they felt she deserved.  My husband and I took Daisy back, and decided that we would then adopt her from the rescue and just keep her.  This was what everyone had thought we would have done much sooner, but we just couldn't imagine another dog.  Daisy had attached herself to us, and in her mind she had been our dog for a very long time.

The day we opted to make Daisy a forever family member, was the day we started looking for a pair of the goggles.  We started at the PetsMart store, but they didn't have her size.  I then remembered a doggie boutique in the area, if they didn't have the goggles, then no one around would and I would have to find them online.

We walked into the doggie boutique and asked about the goggles for Daisy.  It was then that we were told we were looking for "DOGGLES".  I laughed at the name, but thought it was REALLY very creative.  The boutique owner than walked us over to the display of DOGGLES.  I was surprised to see the large selection of both style and size.  Once we figured out Daisy needed the Extra Small DOGGLES, we then had to choose a color.  The colors ranged from pink to brown to black with skulls to pink with flowers.

We chose the pink with flowers DOGGLES, as the flowers resembled daisies.  We thought we were then finished, when the boutique owner gave us an option of lenses!  I was really impressed at that point.  The pink DOGGLES came with a light colored lens with a purplish tint.  We also bought a mirrored lens for the DOGGLES, figuring the lighter ones would be indoor lenses and the darker lenses would be for outdoors.

The boutique owner told us that there would be an adjustment period for Daisy, that she would not like the DOGGLES at all at first.  We put the DOGGLES on Daisy, and she was in love!

About 2 months after adopting Daisy we took her to see an animal ophthalmologist.  We were informed by her that Daisy was not going blind, she had atrophy of the iris.  Daisy's pupils do not restrict in light, so the DOGGLES were exactly what she needed.

Daisy looks incredibly cute in her DOGGLES, and is know as the DOGGLE Dog by all who know her.

Okay, so now you know how we came to be a family using DOGGLES, I bet you are wondering what they look like and how they wear!

DOGGLES look very much like what you would think of as swim goggles.  They are 2 pieces eyewear that are attached across the nose by a thin piece of flexible plastic.  They attach around the head by 2 pieces of adjustable elastic.   One piece of the elastic fits behind the ears, while the other goes under the chin.  Imagine your dog wearing swim goggles.
There are a few things about the DOGGLES that I do not like.  I really think they could be made better, but the issues with this are repairable.  The first issue we had was the rubber gasket that sits between the DOGGLES and your dog’s face.   Once Daisy spent a few days wearing these, the gaskets began to separate from the frame.  Not really a big deal, a little Super Glue and the problem was fixed.   The other issue was one that was addressed by the ophthalmologist.   There are itty bitty air holes in each DOGGLE eye piece, but in warm weather the lenses fog up and moisture collects in each cup.  Not something I would enjoy, so we were often taking the DOGGLES off and wiping them or even washing them out.  The Ophthalmologist suggested taking a hand drill and enlarging the air holes.   It worked wonders, and Daisy is even more in love with her DOGGLES.  In the year plus that Daisy has been wearing her DOGGLES, we have replaced the outdoor lenses twice.   We quickly decided the mirrored lenses were not a good option for dogs!  They look cool enough, but they scratch really easily and hinder the dog’s sight.
After visiting the ophthalmologist, we went out and purchased 2 more pairs of the DOGGLES for our other Chihuahuas.  Since our other Chihuahuas are not light sensitive, we bought the style with permanent lenses.  I am still trying to decide why we ever thought this was a good option!  Once the lenses on this style are scratched to the point of hindering sight, we will have to buy a whole new pair.  It is more economical and probably ecologically friendlier to buy the style of DOGGLES with the removable/replaceable lenses.

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