Don Bruno  Traditional Crostini, 7 Ounce Bags (Pack of 6) (Traditional) Reviews
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Don Bruno Traditional Crostini, 7 Ounce Bags (Pack of 6) (Traditional)

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Crostini Crackers, from Don Bruno & Roland Foods, a winner here--most of the time

Dec 27, 2012
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Pros:Holds heavy & creamy cheese, dips w/o breaking, won’t detract from flavor mission

Cons:an unspecified artificial flavoring

The Bottom Line:

Easy to eat, no cooking required, affordable, semi-nutritious due to saturated fat content, holds cold & hot dips, veggies, cheese sturdy

Okay the holidays are not a time for watching your weight intake, or calories or carbs BUT healthy might be alright to check into once in awhile. If snack crackers and dips are your fave appetizers, just find some with more mono and poly unsaturated fats instead of snack foods that are perfect for dipping and holding mounds of stuff, like this one, a delicious and fairly nutritious Don Bruno Traditional Crostini, 7 ounce bags (Pack of 6) (Traditional).

A 'crostini' is an Italian toast, just like it states on the back of the package. But honestly it is a miniature piece of toast but not like the melba kind, this one is smoother and resembles a slice of baked Swiss cheese.

The packaged product is reasonably priced, relatively nutritional but a carbohydrate overload that most people watch very carefully in their diet and the worry of saturated fats being higher in percentage than the healthier fats like mono and poly UNSATURATED, this cracker might have to be rationed carefully to those with little willpower.

Now on with my review . . .


There is only wheat flour which consists of a protein called gluten that is prepared from wheat so if you are not able to tolerate this, do not eat and if unsure please consult your primary care physician in the endocrinology department.


A cellophane transparent bag attached by fake gold grommets using a cardboard top to keep the crackers sealed is what a bag of Don Bruno Traditional Crostini, 7 ounce bags (Pack of 6) (Traditional) looks like and resistant to moisture. Inside the bag are dozens of flat, blond chips that resemble baked pieces of this Swiss cheese because of the holes which some are only indents while some actually go through to the other side of the chip.

Now if it only tasted like a real baked piece of Swiss cheese in cracker form . . .


75 years ago the Roland Foods company realized the need for quality baked goods to be made available to the public and became one of the leaders in quality gourmet food importing and supplying. I have tried a few of their items found in retail stores across the nation. Their ingredients are simple, easy to pronounce and the products are delicious as the Italian market is famous for its breads, pastries and many scrumptious foods.


While carbohydrates (which are a group of chemical substances incl. sugar, starch, cellulose that contain elements like carbon, hydrogen & oxygen) are necessary for the body to be energetic and active and constantly keeping the cellular level absorbing proper nutrients at proper times; however there is a thing called overload.

There are only 15 fat calories in one chip of Don Bruno Traditional Crostini, 7 ounce bags (Pack of 6) (Traditional)and its not the good kind of fat, it is saturated harder to disassemble within the body, so I don‘t encourage eating too many especially with extra saturated fat toppings you will be putting on the cracker.

In order to lose fat that is saturated and bad you must eat polyunsaturated and monounsaturated (unsaturated fats in general) foods and snacks moreso than the saturated kinds. A couple of crackers by themselves is not un-healthy BUT just do watch your saturated fat intake versus anything else, really if you want the benefits of adding these into a monthly snack regimen.


These are provided as a convenience for consumers. I cannot exclusively deliver any means of accuracy as contents change over time so to get the most accurate and up to date information please contact the manufacturer, the website or nutritional values for products such as these. (paraphrased from becky2259)

Wheat Flour; Vegetable Oil (Palm oil); Sea Salt; Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Malted Flour; Yeast; & Artificial Flavor


There are really no distinct but only subtle problems with the baked snack cracker chip and they are: 1) ill resistance to being dunked in hot soups or stews and falling apart; 2) seasoned varieties are way too salty and 3) its as bad as the Lays brand potato chip whose motto is ’you cannot just be satisfied with one of these, a ½ dozen at least are craved’, well not exactly verbatim but you get the general idea here.


Serving Size= 5 crackers 15g
Servings per box= about 13

Calories= 60 Calories from Fat= 15 ; Total Fat= 2g or 3% ; Saturated Fat= 0g ; Trans Fat= 0g

Cholesterol= 0mg or 0% ; Sodium= 140mg or 6% of entire bag; Total Carbohydrates= 11g or 4%; Protein = 1g ; Dietary Fiber= 0g; Sugars= 0g

Iron= 2% ; Vitamin A= 0% ; Vitamin C= 0% ; Calcium= 0% ; Potassium= n/a; Thiamin= n/a ; Riboflavin= n/a; Niacin= n/a ; Vitamin B6= n/a ; Folic Acid= 0%


They are very crispy but when bitten into one can see the delicate layers flattened one on top of the other for a thick enough cracker to hold a wedge of cheese to a light weight snack. This particular flavor is not bland but will not influence or detract from prime ingredients in a dip or sauce this can be skimmed into.

|| SMELL ||

I almost smell in the Don Bruno Traditional Crostini, 7 ounce bags (Pack of 6) (Traditional)whole single grain wheat toast right out of the toaster without the added high temperature.

|| TASTE ||

Honestly by itself my taste buds venture me to say to you, “A malted milkshake without sugar and some ground wheat spun together lightly and baked golden blonde.”

|| VERDICT (my) ||

In one word, APPROPRIATE for all toppings even dessert stuffs. These are very sturdy, crispy, crunchy but after awhile melting in your mouth soft enough for the sensitive teeth impaired. This traditional version is simple with only the 7 ingredients listed on packaging as well as website, consistency and great taste is a huge plus from me who is a stickler for quality !

I rate this **** ½ stars, the ½ off for the unspecified artificial flavor !

Thank you for reading, eating & Enjoy !

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