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Secure Instant Smile Covered My Cracked Tooth…But Made Me Look Like I Was Part Equine

Mar 1, 2013
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Pros:Works as a temporary fix for chipped or cracked teeth.

Cons:Looks 76% fake, requires patience to get a proper fit.

The Bottom Line: Secure Instant Smile can be a quick cheap temporary fix for cracked or chipped teeth but you are going to look extremely 'toothy'.

Want to fix a cracked tooth? Have a gap between teeth that bothers you? Chances are you looked online for ways to temporarily fix some type of tooth repair; there are tons of them out there but unless you are getting something professionally made you are not going to be able to eat with them in place nor are you going to be able to wear them for extended periods of time. I tried four different 'fixes' when I had a cracked front tooth; the chip was more than just a chip, it was a full on crack that left me with a diagonal slice and a fat lip. That's the price of not wearing a mouth guard when playing hockey.

I ordered the Secure Instant Smile and sort of rolled my eyes when it arrived. I only needed the top appliance but if you need both the top and the bottom you can order them as a set. When I saw the top plate I kind of knew I wasted money on it because it looked like something that you would wear for Halloween. I had an appointment to get the tooth fixed but it was two weeks after the accident; call me vain but I didn't want to walk around showing off my hockey mouth outside of the rink. My reason for getting this was two-fold; if you've ever had a front tooth 'fixed' you know that they can last a couple of years if you avoid foods like apples and corn on the cob. If it were to chip again I would have something that I could slip in and wear until it was fixed again. At this point in my life I really hoped I would be done with all of this and would be able to just get partial plates but no, that would make too much sense and dentists wouldn't be able to bilk insurance companies.

The Secure Instant Smile is not the same as the Snap On Smile or any professional appliances; this is for cosmetic purposes only and if you try to eat with them in your mouth you are going to end up with one or both of the plates coming loose. There are instructions on how to get the proper fit and it's best not to rush the process. They are form fitted to your mouth by heating the plate in hot water then you do the same thing with the white beads that are packaged separately. You have to use a metal spoon or knife to remove the melted beads from the water because if you use plastic it is going to stick to it. Take the melted bead goop and roll it in to a long thin cylinder and press it into the back side of the appliance and then press it against your teeth again. It helps to close your mouth and suck in all the air so there is enough pressure to really force the piece against your teeth. Leave that in place for about twenty seconds, remove it and allow it to cool completely. The beads that started out white and melted clear should now be bonded to the inside of the appliance and ready to trim. Use an X-Acto knife to cut away the excess pieces and give them a try. You can remold the piece if necessary but you will need to heat up your water again. If you are re-molding do not make the water as hot as you did when you initially fitted the appliance or melted the beads. You want something that is going to make it soft but not so hard that it is going to come apart.

Before you order you need to figure out which size teeth you need. I went with the medium and they honestly looked like horse teeth when I had it in. The gums don't look all that realistic but compared to the others that I tried they were a nice fit once I heated them up a couple times. If you aren't going to be doing a lot of talking then you shouldn't have any problems with a top piece; I did not need the bottom piece so I can't say whether that moves around a lot or not.

There are a lot of "secure smile" products on the market - some of them are cheap and some are top shelf. This will work if you have a chip and can't get it fixed but if you have a whole missing tooth I really think that you are going to have more problems getting a secure fit from the appliance. My dentist sort of laughed when I walked in wearing them. "Wow, I should have brought some sugar cubes for you". That stung a little but I already knew that they looked completely fake when I smiled. If you think you are going to get quality results from this you are going to be disappointed but if you just need something to get through a couple weeks to an appointment or until you have the cash to pay for the out of pocket expense then these will work.

You can not eat with them in because it will feel completely strange and they will end up slipping right off your teeth no matter how well they fit. You should never sleep with them in either, if they come out of alignment you could end up choking on it or at the very least end up dropping it on the floor and having to scrub the gunk off them. If you are a smoker you should try to remove these before you light up; the plastic can retain the smell and that can be hard to get out of it if you are a pack-a-day smoker. Clean the appliance with toothpaste and rinse them well but avoid using cold water because that could cause the backing to start to break away from the front section; if that goes down the drain you are going to have to get another pack of beads and start the fitting process over. If the bead section goes down the drain try to fish it out so you don't end up with a nasty clog. Never, ever try to reuse the bead section if it goes down the drain even if you clean it and soak it.

Because there are so many "quick fix" products you have to take the comments and reviews with a grain of salt. If someone says that they paid $60.00 for a single plate then they either got ripped off or they are talking about a different product. I got the top plate for $14.99 and that came with one packet of melting / molding beads but with shipping it came to about $21.00. Way cheaper than a dentist but there is no way I would have put this in, looked in the mirror and cancelled the appointment to get my tooth fixed. I have insurance so it wasn't a matter of coming up with the cash to get it fixed, I just didn't want to walk around with Ovechkin mouth for a couple weeks.

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