Drogheria & Alimentari Garlic & Red Pepper Spice Grinder - Adds a Little Kick!

Jan 22, 2012 (Updated Jan 22, 2012)
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Pros:Great taste, adds some spice, grinder/stays fresh

Cons:Contains salt

The Bottom Line: This is a great way to add a little punch of flavor and spice to a variety of foods.

My husband and I tend to collect a lot of spices.  We enjoy cooking and also experimenting with flavors and taking regular foods to a new level.  I don't remember why we purchased this one, but I think we may have been hoping to find something good to go on pizzas (homemade or ordered).

This product comes in a glass spice grinder.  I'm pretty sure we purchased it at the grocery store, but I don't remember the price, although I imagine it to be about $3-5, which seems reasonable (looking at the prices on the internet).  The top grinder part is plastic, with a small plastic cap.  I find that I tend to knock off the cap a lot, especially as I'm taking this out of the spice rack, but it's not a big deal.  Even if you lose the cap, the grinder top won't let the spice spill out.

I use this most often on pizza and pasta.  Even if I love my pizza (homemade or delivery), I just like the extra punch of flavor that this product adds.  I enjoy the element of spice that it adds.  I would never sprinkle chili flakes on my pizza, but I do like this grinder.  I'm not sure I would guess that there is basil in this mixture, since it seems to me that it is predominantly chili and garlic.  The best way I would describe it without knowing the ingredients, would be to say it is a flavorful pepper grinder.  It adds a little bit of spiciness to dishes, and gives it just the right kick without being too hot.  I actually don't notice a the salt content, but probably because I don't put a whole lot of this on my food at once.  Perhaps I would notice more on something plain like bread (if I were dipping bread in oil with these spices), but I haven't tried it.

We have had this for quite some time, and although I'm getting to the bottom, it has lasted a long time.  I still get plenty of flavor from this spice, so it has stayed at least somewhat fresh in the glass packaging.  In addition, the grinding of the spices helps to re-release some of that great flavor.

Overall, I definitely enjoy this product.  Even if you are eating a food that you thoroughly enjoy, this spice grinder can add a new flavor element, or at least a little bit of a kick to your meal.  I generally use this in the place of a regular pepper mill, and despite being a couple years old, the spices still taste great when they are ground in the mill.

(from http://www.drogheria.com/)

Ingredients: Dehydrated Garlic, Chili, Basil, Salt, Parsley.

Use directions: grind directly on spaghetti adding just olive oil; on fresh salads, on cooked vegetables, soups or cheese.

Drogheria & Alimentari provided spices, aromatic herbs and exquisite blends of fragrances from Mediterranean bottled in very attractive glass jar with a patented built-in grinder top . This preserves the spices and herbs in their whole and not ground form and makes them possess a higher quality. Grinding them just before consuming gives you the utmost experience of their aromatic power to excite the senses of smell and taste.

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