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It hurts when you sit on my face but it's worth it!

Jul 7, 2005
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Pros:Very shiny and natural, plumps lips slightly, looks great on

Cons:Stings and burns a bit especially during the first few applications

The Bottom Line: You'll get slightly plumper and shiny, pretty lips but beware of the sting!

Some of you may have read one of my previous reviews entitled "I will never have Angelina Jolie lips. I have made peace with that." where I gave up the quest for plumper lips and moved on. Well, I guess I lied. Well, not lied but uh, changed my mind. Yeah, that.

Someone commented that they liked DuWop’s Lip Venom and suddenly I couldn’t stand not trying DuWop’s lip plumper. I discovered that they had a line of lip gloss called DuWop Venom Gloss that supposedly plumped lips as it added sheen and color. Hmm, I am a lip gloss junky…I secretly still wanted plumper lips…this promised both. No brainier. I ordered Tulip (a sheer red) and Lily (a neutral mauve) and waited by the mailbox for them to be delivered so I could try my new lip gloss/plumper.

DuWop warns that the gloss will sting and assures us that the tingle is a good thing. Here is DuWop’s explanation of their colored lip gloss:

The Official Word

A Color Gloss Like No Other
DuWop's wicked blend of Lip Venom and other great ingredients, jojoba oil, avocado oil, (that kind of thing) gives your lips bee stung fullness, gorgeous color and brilliant shine.
Get Stung.
Tested on Actors
Not Animals

The Packaging

Venom Gloss comes in a plastic cylindrical tube with a top to hold the gloss if you choose. I like it. I lose lip glosses all over so having a case for my Venom is great. The actual tube of gloss is clear plastic so you can see how much (and what color) product you have. It stands on it’s cap. The cap twists off revealing a slanted applicator with a small hole for the product to squeeze out of. The tube holds .35 ounces, about the same as most tubes of lip gloss out there today.

My Experience

My chosen color to try was Tulip. I like sheer red lips (not overly done harsh red) so I slicked some of the red gloss on. I noticed the smell immediately. It was definitely a cinnamon fragrance and it was very strong. I like cinnamon and this reminded me of those red-hot cinnamon hearts that I used to get on Valentine’s Day. Little did I know that, in about five minutes, it would remind me even more of those hot cinnamon hearts than I realized. There is no taste, unfortunately. I would have loved to tasted the cinnamon I was smelling.

The gloss is just beautiful. I don’t think I have seen a shinier lip gloss anywhere. The color is sheer and perfect. It is exactly how I want my lips to look. Shiny and natural with transparent color.

I already liked this gloss. But wait!

What About the Plumping Action?

Within about five minutes I started to feel a tingle. Then it turned into a sting. I felt like I had taken a bite of a hot chili pepper and it was stinging my lips. I pondered the pain. It wasn’t awful by any means. I mean, I had two babies without anesthesia so a little burning of the lips was not a cause for alarm.

After 10 minutes, my lips were red hot. I looked in the mirror and, sure enough, they did look plumper. Not considerably plumper, but they had a nice fullness to them that they usually lack. I asked my husband (who didn’t notice I dyed my hair bright red once until I decided to dye it back to my usual dark auburn) what he thought. He said my lips looked “full and kissable”. Yeah, whatever. He was programmed to say that.

I asked a much better critic: my son. At almost 15 years old, he tells it like it is, good, bad, or indifferent. He said my lips looked a little bigger and asked if I smashed my mouth on something. Yay! If he thought I was smacked in the mouth and swollen, the stuff must be working!

I didn’t expect the gloss to sting as much as it did. It lasted quite a while, perhaps 45 minutes, before the sting wore off and my lips felt normal again. But the fullness lasted for a few hours at least. The color lasted quite a while for a gloss, about two hours or so. I don’t expect much from slick glosses and a couple hours of wear is fine with me. I just slick it back on and go.

However, with Venom, every time you slick it back on, you get the sting.

Luckily, it was only the first three times I wore the gloss that I really felt any pain. After that, it just stung a bit and tingled and my lips felt warm. It now only lasts about 10 minutes and is gone. My lips look plumper when I am wearing the gloss. Not like I had collagen implants and not like Angelina Jolie or Meg Ryan, but pleasantly pouty. However, the gloss itself is really the winner here. I would buy it if it did nothing but gloss my lips.

I have Tulip (sheer red) and Lily (neutral mauve) and plan to add to my collection. They have 12 shades in this line and I probably will end up with most of them. As an aside, I was in a rush and looked a bit pale so I took a touch of the gloss and used it on my cheeks. It looked great and lasted for hours. And no my face didn’t puff up. I don’t recommend Venom glass as a full time blush but it is a versatile product in a pinch.

At $16.00 a tube, I feel I get my money’s worth. The tube lasts a long time and colors are very sheer and varied with an amazing shine. My lips look very moist and natural. The slight plumping is an added bonus. I even think I am getting addicted to the sting! I wore a regular lip gloss yesterday and felt cheated out of my “tingle and heat”.


For those who have allergies or want to know what is causing their lips to sting, the ingredients are:

Polyisobutene, Natural Essences, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Green Tea in Safflower Oil, Propylparaben, May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Red 27 Zr Lake, D&C Red 30 Lake, D&C Red 6 Ba Lake, D&C Red 7 Ca Lake, Iron Oxides

Buying Info

You can see all of DuWop’s products and read up on them at www.duwop.com. Venom Lip gloss is available at several online sites that sell cosmetics and/or lip gloss and plumpers. It is also sold at brick and mortar department stores although I have not personally seen it at the stores I frequent.


DuWop Venom Lip gloss is a sheer, shiny, awesome lip gloss that looks natural and pretty on. The first few times you wear it, prepare to feel the sting as it burns a bit and your lips may feel “flushed” or warm. That feeling passes after a couple applications and, in my case, all I feel now is a slight tingling and a bit of warmth on my lips. That lasts about 10 minutes, then fades away, leaving shiny, moist, colorful lips with added volume. If you want a huge change in the thickness of your lips, this gloss isn’t for you. But if you want a good lip gloss that also adds a bit of fullness, this one is it. Think of it as the difference between breast implants and a padded bra. Well, maybe not. But you get the idea. This product will plump your lips a bit and make them look better. The effect is obviously temporary and wears off after a few hours but is easily remedied by reapplying the gloss.

This is not a treatment. It is just a temporary beauty aid that works only while the gloss is on your lips. And that’s fine with me. I love the way it looks on and I find myself using Venom more than any of the (many, many) other glosses I have.

Rating this product is tough. The gloss is above average as far as the way it looks but only average as far as how long it wears on the lips. The plumping is slightly noticeable which is all one can really ask for in a temporary lip gloss.

I am giving this four stars only because I wish it did wear a bit longer on my lips. It’s tough to find a lip gloss that will stick around for more than a couple hours which is about what Venom does.

If you decide to buy one of these lip glosses, prepare for pain for a few applications. Know that it does seem to lessen a lot after a few times applying it. And enjoy it! It will make you very aware that your lips are sexy and shiny (and a little plumper too!).

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