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Dualit 88860 Blender

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Dualit makes me happy in the kitchen - love the blender! love the toaster!

Sep 23, 2007
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Pros:easy using and cleaning, heavy duty stainless steel blades

Cons:rubber gasket harder to clean, plastic parts on inside

The Bottom Line: Heavy duty and powerful - makes an easy job out of mixing and quick blending!

Chrome Dualit Hand Blender – 88860

I have been on a home baby food kick lately and decided that an immersion or hand blender was a must have for doing some types of purees. I have had one before and really liked it, though it walked off many years ago and I didn’t seem to notice. I know that motor is everything with blenders because I have owned at least five full sized blenders between my two houses with various powers and features over the last few years. For this reason and the wonderful experience I have had with my Dualit toaster, I decided that I would give Dualit a try! Their hand blender is heavy duty and was one of the strongest I saw on the market at 500 Watts. In addition, it is constructed of attractive polished chrome.

Some of the details…

- 500-watt with a speed range from 9000 to 17000 RPMs
- Chrome body with stainless steel cutting blades
- Measures:about 15 inches long and about two and a half inches in diameter

This Dualit immersion hand blender has a really nice handle portion. It is black and made of an easy to grip rubberized surface. The controls are locate in this portion in easy to reach spots. There is an on/off button as well as a Turbo button for pulse operation. On the top of the unit is a dial which adjusts the blender speed from 9000 RPMs to 16,000 RPMs. The pulse (turbo) feature operates on 17,000 RPMs. The cord is at least five feet long which is longer than other hand appliances I have used in the past.

I did notice that some of the interior portions are constructed of plastic. This is a bit disappointing and definitely makes me think that this one is not quite as sturdy as it could be. Part of the reason I bought a Dualit toaster was for the lack of plastic parts on the inside. I guess I expected them to carry the same philosophy with all their products. So far, though, this does seem to be extremely sturdy!

Does it work?

I really do love this one! For small meals, I use the Kidco food mill for baby food, but when I am making a larger batch, this is the perfect tool! I have made some wonderful sauces for baby’s food and have found that I love it in my normal cooking as well. It is wonderful for whisking eggs and my omelets came out really fluffy. I made a cheesy white sauce with spinach in it for baby and the results were fabulous with perfectly portioned spinach pieces for him. I did have a bit of trouble with the longer pieces of spinach getting caught in the outside holes on their way into the blending portion, but they were easily cleaned up later.

This blender makes quick work of soups and sauces and is easier to clean up than other appliances I have in my kitchen. It is surprisingly not a loud machine! My husband has noted on many occasions that it is really quiet even on the higher turbo pulse speed. I just love using it and I am noticing that more and more my family is starting to use it as well. My teenager is making smoothies without dirtying up the big blender parts and I caught my husband checking it out for a mixed drink at the bar. It is very versatile and definitely comes in handy!

Cleaning up…

The real highlight of this one is that the blending portion of this one quickly detaches from the rest of the appliance for quick clean up. It is not dishwasher safe, but easily comes clean with some hot soapy water. It is important, though to do it right away. There is a rubber gasket under the blades portion. It is not removable, but food can get under it a bit, so I am very careful to soak it a bit and make sure to clean under it. I think that5 Dualit really should have made this portion with the ability to disassemble it for cleaning. I always remove and clean the rubber gasket of my full sized blenders and with good reason. Food really does manage to work its way under there!

Final say -

I definitely like this one! I would only change one thing and that would be adding the ability to disassemble the whisking/blade portion of the blender. I think it would be helpful to be able to remove that gasket for cleaning. Other than that, this immersion hand blender is perfect and well worth the $80 I spent on it. Dualit stands behind their products with one year warranties and makes quality products. I recommend it if you are looking for a hand blender!

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 80.00

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