Dundas Jafine Chk100 Heat Keeper Kit (060672280018)

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Like Some Lint With That Heat?

Dec 7, 2008 (Updated Dec 7, 2008)
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Pros:Easy to install.

Cons:Doesn't trap lint well.

The Bottom Line: Few options in devices like this. The Dundas Janine is easy to install, has a smooth diverter function, and convenient lint screen. Biggest flaw - poor lint capture.

It just wasn’t working out between us with all those misleading promises and all that hot air escaping though those cracks in her seams. Mostly she did her job adequately, the job of diverting the dryer heat into the basement. However, it was the lint screen that led to her dismissal and replacement. The screen fit into four indentations on the dryer vent and had to be aligned perfectly to snap back into place. Sometimes the screen popped off, and sometimes the flapper diverting the hot air fell into the unintended position. We tolerated Miss Vent for about a week before mutually agreeing she had to go. I saw one on the Amazon site that seemed to have a better design, and like all the other contraptions of this ilk was inexpensive. I placed my order with fingers crossed and good luck Mr. Potato head tightly clutched.

Dundas Jafine

Dundas Jafine, with manufacturing facilities in Canada and the United States has been in business for seventy years. Their niche is in air movement products like ducts, vents, diverters and filtration. The company has a vision, a sense of corporate purpose that trickles down the organization to all employees. Dundas Jafine has a commitment to quality, service, and the future. Awesome!

Dundas Jafine Dryer Vent Head Keeper Kit

I’m not sure why they call this a kit when all that’s in the box is the plastic hear diverter and two plastic clamps. The dryer vent is designed to retrofit in the dryer’s ductwork and allow the user to send dryer hot air outside or route it inside to take advantage of all that expensively produced warmth.
Dimensions: 4 ¼” across
Approximately 3 ½” deep
4 ¾” tall

Cut the existing dryer ducting about 10 inches above the top of the dryer’s top control panel
Slide the ends of the dryer vent into the ducting and secure with the provided clamps.
Set the heat keeper with the pull and turn damper in either the up (winter) position or the down (summer) position.
For maximum efficiency, clean the lint filter cap before each use.

Ducting is not included. Darn.
New safety valve eliminates pressure buildup. (No other details were given.)
Stops cold air from leaking back into the house through your dryer.
Directs valuable heat and humidity back into your home in the dry winter months.
Directions on the box printed in English and French.

Spudman’s Experience

Out of the box, the unit didn’t impress with the familiar plastic construction and wide gaps at the seams. Before installation I glued the seams together twice holding them together with duct tape. The second gluing event was necessitated by the failure of Elmer’s glue to work adequately. A different glue called Tightbond did the trick.

Installation was rather easy. The ends of the Heat Keeper slid into the existing ductwork right away and were secured with the metal clamps I had purchased. I don’t like using those plastic holders because I can’t get them as tight as the metal ones tightened with a screwdriver.

During installation I noticed that there was nothing built into the vent for hanging on the wall as in all other dryer vents I have used. I couldn’t just let that heat diverter just flop around in the air so I tried to secure it with duct tape. It looked terrible and probably wouldn’t hold very long anyway. Plan two was to use heavy wire fastened to screws on either side of the vent. This worked well because the wire was barely visible and held firmly. If I’d used rigid ductwork, hanging might not have been an issue. With the flexible ducting, the heat diverter needs to be anchored somehow.

So far the unit works as promised. The damper keeps the heat diverting flap in position, the lint filter is conveniently designed, and there doesn’t seem to be much leaking of hot air with the heat keeper in the venting outside summer position. The longevity of this unit is yet to be proven. Stay tuned.

Other Considerations
The initial blast of humidity from the dryer can be quite intense and can even overwhelm a full basement. I prefer to vent the initial air outside, and then divert the warm dryer air inside after a few minutes. Mrs. Spudman doesn’t want to be bothered going up and down the stairs an extra time.

The previous owner of our home had installed flexible vinyl venting. When I removed it, I was quite stunned by the amount of lint inside, about half an inch thick all the way around. Rather than clean the ducting, I replaced it with flexible aluminum ducting, a little more expensive but much safer in the long run. According to several sites, vinyl ducting is not recommended for dryers because its lower flash point makes it a potential fire hazard. The boxes of the vinyl ducting at Ace conveyed the same message. Ducting should be inspected periodically, especially the flexible ducting with the numerous recesses that collect and retain lint.

Lint in the Air

I noticed that the meshwork on the lint screen wasn’t as fine as others I’ve used, and I wondered how much lint was escaping into the room’s air. To find out I put a piece of stocking over the screen. After several loads of clothes the stocking was saturated with lint. That’s not good. What does one do? Let all that lint escape?
For now I’m continuing with the stocking routine until I can figure out a way to replace the original screen with a finer mesh.

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