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Duraflame Wax Firelog; No Chopping, Carrying & Cleaning. A DELIGHTFULLY COZY FIRE!

Nov 2, 2009 (Updated Nov 10, 2009)
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Pros:Easy to light
burns for 3 hours
natural looking flame

Cons:Nothing worth noting

The Bottom Line: Duraflame logs make for an easy to strat no muss fire that is delightful and gives a warm glow to the Winter/Holiday season.

My wife and I have wood fires nearly every night in the winter. We love the feel, look and smells. Once in a while when I'm not home my wife likes the effect of the fireplace without having to handle the wood. She uses Duraflame brand firelogs. We find them at our local Home Depot piled up in stacks with Duraflame Firestarter and also the Creosote Sweeping Logs that we use to help maintain a clean flu.

At the depot we purchase this product as a box of six. Some retail and websites sell the individual logs too.

Draflame 5lb All Natural; Best Quality Firelog

The packaging states that these firelogs are Faster Lighting and give More Robust Flames.

These logs are about 16" long making them perfect for the fireplace. They weigh 5lbs and are wrapped in a paper that helps to ignite the log. The directions on the paper with clear diagrams state that the paper is pulled away from the log via the seam, without tearing it, then placed onto a supporting grate. The last step it to light it at the clearly marked arrows.

The log then will start to burn, slowly at first and be fully lighted in about a couple of minutes. The logs then burns for about three hours. Other logs should NOT be placed on top of the firelog.

There is a list of DO NOTs. Read them. Examples, DO NOT use for cooking, DO NOT use in woodstoves or barbecues...

There are other saftey notes that are basic common sense but be sure to read them.

Safe for the Environment

The wrapping notes a few things about environment. The log itself is made from all natural ingredients and said to burn cleaner than wood with 80% less fine particles, 75% less carbon monoxide, and 90% less hazardous air pollutants.

The Duraflame fire logs blend natural waxes and oils derived from organic materials with recycled sawdust and agricultural biomass. Duraflame firelogs use 80% fewer resources to produce a cozy 3 hour fire than burning firewood.

pops experience

We have used the Duraflame fake fires as we call them from time to time for many years. Even though they are not the real thing, they do make for a pleasant and very controlled fireplace effect that burns for three hours and are very simple and easy to light.

At times I have had to relight the paper, a rare event, but I have never had a fire go out once started. The directions, warnings, and "How to" use of the logs are very clearly written on the packaging making this product quite easy to use and understand.

My wife uses these Duraflame Fire logs more than I do, perhaps two dozen a winter. She finds them easy to handle at just five pounds, easy to light and pleasant to look at. There are no adverse odors when burning and the ashes just drop[ to the base of the fireplace mixing with the wood ashes from a previous fire or two.

The colour of these flames are like those of a hardwood fire. The flames are nicely balanced,  don't dance too high and give a natural fire look. Duraflame does make other firelogs that make multi-colours. We like the basic.

I'm ready to get a brandy and sit in front of a fire right now.

This is an entry into the VIII Lean & Mean W/O

Creosote Sweeping Log:  Keep your chimney/flu clean!
Duraflame Firestart; Get a Good Hardwood Fire Burning Pronto!

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